Thursday, March 9, 2017

Uncle Maddio's Pizza

Vegan Pizza!
From a pizza restaurant.

Got a free 9 inch 3 topping pizza coupon this place for their 2 years b-day celebration.

Never tried there before, decided to visit and try one.

The good thing is i can make my own style of pizza.

Based on wheat dough~ yay!
Tomato basil sauce,
Vegan cheese

I could add more topping with $.50 but 3 was totally enough for me.

Waited for about 6 minutes to be baked.
To go~
At home i tried
As it is
With sriracha hot sauce
With tobasco hot sauce
With my own sweet sauce- agave and yacon powder combination

The winner is sriracha!
As it is, to me it was sort of bland.

The regulaf price is 7.99.
I still have $5 off coupon left.
Would i go back?
Probably yes for it will cost me just $3 with that coupon. Why not?
Then i will ask for more cheese on it.
The amount of cheese was unsatisfied.

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