Saturday, November 28, 2015

HH Donuts

Today I made HH donuts.
I skippes chocolate chips and replaced the cocoa power with organic something berry powder that flavors like little bit sweet but sour(?) at the same time...

Since there are two many sweet ingredients already, I gave myself a breaj from it. The reason why no cocoa powder nor choco chips.

The dough turned out to be too sticky.
Did I pour too much of milk on here? I followed the instruction, dah-!

Because of stickiness of dough..., it was totally impossible shape it as regular donut.
Made icing to dip the donuts once they are all baked... icing turned out something not icing looking either...

Yeah... i havent baked for over 6 months... give me a break haha..

The finalized donuts... taste is good.
The density is quite densy... haha
I was sort of looking for something more fluffy light donuts like krespy kreme.
This recipe is more desitier like bread...

Oh well...
I enjoyed, however. Thats all that matter now.
Maybe i will be more accurate to my tasting and desire then.

Try CC Katie's recipes next time, then.
Krespy kreme
Snowball donuts

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