Sunday, November 29, 2015

Coconut Bliss Ice Creme

The very first time trying "Coconut Bliss" ice creme.

I saw them in vegan festivals last year, but they only carried something nuts in it so could not taste it- nut allergy.

Today, I shopped around Whole Foods market near my parents and found their ice creme on sale! I picked "salted caramel" flavor, covered with chocolate. The box has 3 bars with price of $5.99.

So basically, $2 per bar.. very much pricey...
But once in a while I am deserved for this treat.

I love the creamy texture but my expectation on caramel flavor did not meet unfortunately...
Wish there's more caramel in it insteadl salty flavor...

Overall it is 7/10 score.

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