Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chocolate Cookie from Whole Foods

 (Yeah i know i have a sweet tooth...) I was craving for sweet dessert for whole week but not want to bake one myself for I will travel abroad. 

So far I could think of getting one was Nativr Foods Cafe. Approx.20-25 mintues driving... Forget about it. 

Stopped by Whole foods for grocery shopping the other day, NOW they have VEGAN chocolate cookies from their own bakery, yeah!!!

Grabbed on today (i know allergic reaction to chocolate. But....!) because I HAD TO! :)

Checked the ingredients, better than I thought. They use applesauce :)

Price is reasonable. 
Fresh packed today!

So soft and sweet. 
Satisfying my sweet tooth enough today on Easter Day. 
Thank God! 


Few hours past...
Allergic reaction coming up ha ah---
My body ache..
Oh Lord... 😣