Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Orleans Trip

New Orleans (NOLA) Tour on Feb.25-Feb.28, 2015


  I actually don’t have any idea where to start for writing this journey journal. Should I write in English or in Korean, should I post this on website or just print it and keep in my diary… so many unnecessary (?) minor matters hold of me yesterday. Oh, well, since I have many things to write, I will use computer and decide later.


Day 1: 2.25.2015 Wednesday

  It was raining hard when I flight to New Orleans on 2.25 Wednesday. The forecast kept saying that the whole days of my travel, raining. I decided to stop checking but have faith in God who always answers my prayer on weather. J Boom! Yes HE DID! Praise the Lord!

I even prayed that “even if it’s raining, please make stop when I need to walk to catch Jefferson Transit Bus and walk to hotel.” Yes, absolutely He did!” amazing J I wore umbrella on the way to hotel but I could just not to, it was so slight so majority of people did not.

  Landed on New Orleans airport. Excited, shaking my body like dancing on the exit door where shows “Welcome to New Orleans” sign on the top (see picture). Airport restroom, cleaner than I expected. The automatic toilet seat paper on installed, even. Can you believe it? None of the major cities do that. Then Level 2 to catch Jefferson Transit E2 Bus to downtown New Orleans. Bus was right there don’t even need to walk that much. Just 15 sec. While I was waiting for a bus, had my banana and left over oats (about 2TBSP) for lunch. (Had breakfast at DIA, half apple and oats about 2 Tbsp), skipped the breakfast for almost 5 months so far but it was necessary since traveling. Need energy to move- simply for surviving). Actually, while I was looking for the exit for Jefferson Transit, I had to stop and eat. All the sudden, zero energy on my body left.

  The FIRST impression of NOLAs’ in a bus with Bus driver. SUPER Nice! Wanted to make sure I was on the right bus even though I knew I was- Tulane Ave and Loyola. He said “Yes, ma’am. Downtown”. Here, Good impression, I was sitting. It was about 3:30 pm, school kids were the majority. Google map said less than 5 minutes walking to hotel. Ok, walking with carrying a baggage. Passing by Walgreens, so many scary (?) looking homeless African-Americans almost lined up on that street. ‘Ok…., better not going out at night, once the sun goes down, as the travel book indicated.’

  Hotel check in time start at 4 pm, and I arrived there at 3:45 pm. Perfect! God arranged the time so perfectly for me! Thank you, Lord J Small room with King size bed, just for me and a TV! Yoohoo! All the sudden, I felt so starving… serious starving but I really thankful and enjoyed the feeling for I haven’t have this for a long time and I know it is a good thing to feel it. I was debating myself whether I would go to ‘Green Goddess’ or ‘Whole Foods Market’. If I chose restaurant, then I would probably order ‘Sweet Potato Biscuit with Wild Mushroom Gravy’ ($8) or “Beet Hummus’.($3). But I checked the Yelp Menu again and noticed that biscuit is for vegetarian, not vegan. Good that I jotted down a note that ‘omnivore’s ingredient’. <For this trip, I actually studied with a travel book- [Fodor’s New Orleans 2015] quite a while and yelped for restaurant, of course! You Rock, Priscilla!!! JJJ> But I was so doubtful what if the restaurant does not have what I look for, then boomer, I waste my 2% left energy and ended up with 0% energy to go to Whole Foods. Irritated feeling on the first day and I do not have any energy until the next day.. bad circulation started obviously. SO! I chose Whole Foods, heading north, instead of heading to downtown French Quarter (both were in 25 minutes walking distance radius, by the way). About 4:30 pm, slight raining outside, holding up my red umbrella, start walking. Not many of people on the street (northern bound), on the left side of the road many constructions going on, I did see ‘Tulane Medical University’ but most likely on the right side, really poor low-income people’s street looking that I could see on the movie/tv shows. “Hummm, that’s why [Po’ Boy’s Sandwich in New Orleans, huh?” I could naturally say that. As I kept walking, I was afraid of being in poverty area and it was cloudy… “Seriously, Whole Foods is here, in this area? Normally, Whole Foods is in safe area, where above median-income people residence. Ok, should I go back?” I met an old African-American woman with a kid on the corner of the market. She said, “Yes, the market is right there, there-!” Pointing her finger to the building right front of us. Relief--- “Finally!!!” The entrance reminded me of the market in France nearby the hotel I stayed. It was their way of interior, I believe. I love local feeling uniqueness!

  Straight up to salad bar with Crossed-fingered for vegan soups. Darn-, no. Needed foods that warmed me up. Even though I was out all my energy, still flirting the whole market was MUST. Hahahaha- Few vegan desserts there, bulk foods- few items are same but higher than CO. A lady in salad bar helped me to look to vegan soups in freezer section but too big size. Another great impression of NOLAn, SUPER FRIENDLY. These folks go extra miles for people!!!

  My dinner was a handful of salad and Engine 2 organic original crispbread. I rushed to finish my salad ASAP for the unsecured area, finish the Engine 2 at hotel. I almost ran, got hotel in 15 minutes. Such a healthy ingredients (no oils), I sat my bed and finished the whole thing in 1.5 hours. (I was craving for snacks for last few days, honestly, with Carb. More than satisfied, ever. Thank you, Lord!) Planning next day’s trip itinerary while Food Network TV on, sweet!

  Ok, complimentary breakfast at hotel between 6:30- 9:30 am. Crossed the fingers for oatmeal and salad and/or fruits. Let’s up early so that I could start my day early with 1 Hr. free walking tour that starts at 9:30 am in French Quarter (hope that I could walk ok without pain I’m carrying). Buy 3 day bus/streetcar pass at Walgreens tomorrow morning, the first thing to do and ride on streetcar to French Quarter, yay-

  Mercedez Benz Dorm and Mardi Gras Museum (Free) I planned to visit today, oh well- pass- kk



Day 2: 2.26.2015 (Thursday) < @ FRENCH QUARTER>

  I brought my Hula-hoops on this trip LOL. Felt in sleep around 2:30 am in local time and sneak woke up at 4:30 am. Tried to finish my morning tasks early as possible including breakfast. However, thought that I could not meet the 1 Hr. Free Walking Tour at French Quarter, Jean Lafitte National Park Visitor Center, 30 minutes behind than my schedule. (Now, I know that I could, but on that morning I had no idea that everywhere in New Orleans is walking distance).

  Hotel free breakfast. No salad nor fruits except bananas. Grabbed a hot green tea and two bananas and oh- there’s instant oatmeal packet (sort of not healthy but still there’s oat in it at least. It was apple cinnamon flavor with lots lots sugar in- bummer).

  Hooo! Walking on Canal St. heading to Walgreens for a pass, soooo cold, so windy. ‘Should I go back and change the outfit?’ I could actually. There was no rush and it was not like Europe tour- once go out, had to stay outside until come back; but again, I did not know everywhere is walking distance. Dah- the map I grabbed at the airport says 3 day pass is $12, the book says $9. Planned to buy one day pass for three days to match $9 expense; however, guess what? STILL $9! Yoohoo-

  Got the tickets and heading to ‘Jackson Square’ riding on streetcar on Canal St. Stations are about one blocks away each other. (As days go by I kept realized that none of streetcars are run by schedules: 1) they share the streets with cars on the traffic, 2) Drivers are too nice and no rush at all on their life styles. If many people lined up, then the streetcar engine stops (automatically or manually by a driver, that I don’t know though). Since lots of travelers there, they buy 1 or 3 day(s) tickets on board, a driver must check each one of the ticket for validation dates. So keep that in mind, you have to be patient here; or you can just walk. Total travel time will be the same, trust me). I throw myself into the streetcar because; 1) it’s part of the travel experience, 2) feet pain- less mobility required.

  Stopped at front of Harrah’s Casino, transferred to Redline of streetcar that runs riverside up and down. I started walking without knowing where to go in mind. I did see “Jackson Brewery”- big building (didn’t know this is a famous place at that moment). Just cross that building, I saw people were holding ‘go cup’ of Café Du Monde’s famous Café au Lait. (‘Go Cup’ means in NOLA people can carry on the alcoholic beverage on the street. It’s like ‘to go’ coffee).

  The famous Jackson Square right front of me. Ok, it’s way smaller than I imagined. That brown buildings are the ‘Pontalba Buildings and 1850 House’?  Under construction and souvenirs, restaurants, that’s all.  Walked inside and took picture of the statue of General Jackson. Simply went out the gate and St. Louis Cathedral (don’t like Cathedral at all, but it’s something did with King Louis in France, so.) After seeing them, slightly sneak peek inside of museum, and started walking on Royal St. Some unique architecture of buildings with jewelers from Mardi Gras last week. But no other special things that could catch my attention at all. Rushed myself to get back to Decatur St. where everything is packed up and busy so that at least I can see the Café Du Monde although I won’t order (wanted to taste how good the coffee is, but there’s no substitute for vegan). The place I ended up was near the French Market fortunately. Did see U.S Mint building next to it, too. Got inside of market, nothing special. Ok, time to have a lunch. So freezing, and needed to warm myself up inside of building with comfort food. Aimed for ‘Meals from the Heart’- vegan friendly restaurant. Another bummer(?) it’s not in building, it’s inside of the French market but open spaces restaurant like farmer’s market. Had a quite hard time to find it, too. Searched the map, yelped and asked…. Finally, called in. they are located in lot #13. I knew what I wanted for I searched on Yelp before coming- Black Bean Soup ($9.99), of course, vegan. With black bean soup slices of fresh avocado-, that looked so good in the pictures. However, I ended up ordering ‘Mini Me Black Bean Burger’ ($5) instead. Why? Just not that hungry but had to feed me to survive, especially on this cold weather. The owner, African-American man was super friendly and nice as all NOLAn. He served a mandarin orange to start with as a complimentary. As he obviously could see that I was freezing to death, he offered me to change seat to right under the ceiling heat. Another lady came, and we sort of chat each other little until the food came. By then others on my left side left, the owner brought the portable heater right front of me to warm me up. How thoughtful and nice. Now, I could move my fingers haha- Finally, my burger came out. Never thought this small, but I was sure that this size is perfect for me (more like slide than burger), specially on this cold weather, small meal is just good as healthy wise. One bite. Oh god- so great! The flavor is amazing! I’m not a burger girl ever in my whole life, but this one? You got to be kidding. Get out of here- really enjoyed, super enjoyed. If I had another time, then I would definitely come back and try other menus. (Tried Louisiana hot sauce with a burger, this hot sauce kicks! OMG).

  Ok, my belly is filled up (saved my orange for dinner). Let’s walk again! I was seriously thinking I would go back to hotel and stay there watching Food Network TV rather going out but changed my mind after meal. Need to burn the calories and in order to go back to hotel, I must pass this street anyways (waited streetcar but it never came. Not running by schedule as mentioned).

  It was a good walking tour, eventually. I stopped by almost every spot that mentioned on the book. Plus, I bought a spoon souvenir for mom, a Café Du Monde coffee from right across with the same price as café. Every souvenir store has so many kinds of hot sauce- all locals. And tabasco hot sauce, this is here’s, never knew before. Tobacco hot sauce candy, chocolate.. all the goodies, too. Wonder the taste but sugar! No thank you haha- so many local chocolates (praline is NOLA’s! I guess that’s why the goodies all over the stores). On Jackson’s square again NOW I heard Grove Jazz Music on the streets, street drawings… it was about 2 pm. “Ok, no need to hurry up in the morning for people here are not morning persons. Afternoon people actually start stretching and the street fills with live. I get it-. Yes, Jazz music, bar,, all of them are for night activity, so quite in the morning, yeah?”

  Had to stop by hotel, feet froze and pain got worse. But gladly, sun came out slowly, getting warmer. “Wow, Lord, You really answer my prayer! As I prayed, sun comes out and for the rest of my trip will be sunny and then rain the day after I leave here. That’s so gratefully amazing, Lord. Thank You! XOXO”

  Since sun shows up staying at hotel means ridiculously dumb. Little hesitant whether I go back French Quarter of not, but decided not to but rather heading to ‘Seed’ plant-based restaurant instead for dinner. Mission was heading back before 6pm for sunset was 6pm. On Canal St. and St. Charles, take Green St. Charles streetcar heading to Garden district. Was confused where the station was, so asked to Asian guy (the first Asian person I saw!), again, so friendly. They care the matter of visitors or every person as theirs. That is so amazing, how could that be? I mean it’s awesomely great! He asked me if I’m Vietnamese but sorry, I’m Korean! J Again, waited too long over 30-40 minutes. Finally it showed up but two streetcars at the same time. Dah- haha-

  Arrived there at 4pm. Distance was too short than I thought. The building is really clean, simple and modern. Few folks inside. Grabbed a seat and checked the menu even though I knew what I want- a cup size Gumbo ($6 cup, $10 bowl). Has canjun species (finally I tasted) with bean and brown rice. It was ok, not to wow surprising flavor. I guess it’s like smoky flavor of Mexican chipotle- chili soup? It’s flavorful but too strong my stomach, the main reason that I try to avoid Mexican foods even though it’s tasty. I added much much of pepper in it. Pepper lover girl. Asked about their desserts for they do have vegan beignet! But beignet itself means fried donut, so it has to be fried in oil and sugars on top which I do not consume any of refined. Pass. How about cupcakes? Nut-based batter, so pass, too. I saw a size of cupcake that a man who sat next to me, it was tremendously small. That was what? $3? A robber.

  On the way to hotel, took Canal St. streetcar to give my feet to be relaxed little bit for the rest of the days. I took a night sight picture, fancy nice J New Orleans itself is a really small town that everything is walking distance if you have strong legs, feet and comfort shoes, then walk. You will see more of precious hidden parts than you never planned to see. Streetcars are for few times, only for an experience.

  No Asians on the street, clearly, Black or White. Majority of white people are travelers (I can tell) and they are almost all old folks (50s-60s, or retirees).

  I assumed on the bottom line that things would be cheaper but not. Foods in markets and restaurants are like San Jose’s and other stuffs, too. Maybe NOLA is the center of the travel city?

  Dinner, a banana, saved mandarin orange and oatmeal from hotel. Had to take a pain killer.. good night with Gilmore Girls TV show.



Day 3: 2.27.2015 (Friday) < @Garden District and Center Business District>

  What a sunny and bright day to start with? Thank you Lord! J

  I started my trip little late than yesterday for I know things are get ready around 11am or noon here. Plus, I had two issues I needed to solve before starting a day at hotel. My brush teeth plastic cup was missing. I searched all around the room several times, even in trash cans, but no and my toothbrush was sitting on the washing stand top itself which I never do in my life. Did someone come in while I was gone? That time was only between when I used the business center at the lobby between 7:15-8pm. I brushed my teeth right before I went down. Mystery… Plus, I strongly regretted that I asked to fax my consent to efile to IRS at hotel. What if she looked at my paper and jotted down my ss#? All kinds of thinking were hanging around my head. I should have asked her to come with her when faxing arrrrr--. I brought them to manager there and checked the camera together, but no one else came in. That’s good at least for a relief. But, what about faxing? It’s something behind my control now.. all into You, Lord. (check my diary how serious I was).

  Planned today’s trip before go to bed last night, that means I have a brief idea what to do at where at least. Straightly riding on St. Charles streetcar (I know this route haha- a strong feeling of comfortable), walked into Lafayette cemeteries No.1. Weird feeling… there were two groups of tour guide, I dropped my ears as passing by and heard that for NOLAns, the tombs are like their properties- buildings and lands. They bury their families in the same tomb so it is their history. I expected to see any words/phrases on the stone but only names shown, except one- “One of God’s noblemen”.

  Next stop, ‘Garden District Book Shop’. Found this bookstore when heading down to cemeteries. Oh, local bookstores? Must stop by spots for me. Interestingly, it was shown on the tour map that I did not catch earlier. That’s good! Such a sunny and warmer weather, I straightly went out to search unique architecture houses. By the way, I am so glad that I brought my travel with me and carried all days of my trip. It helped me a lot!

  The first house checked was, ‘Colonel Short’s Villa’. Without any doubts I could say “this is it!”. Beautiful flower trees caught my attention and the strong built house itself with design. Tremendously beautiful ‘mansion’, obviously back in that time. I could imagine “Gone with the Wind” automatically somehow. J Now this house is on sale haha- wonder the value. (This house, built in 1859, was stylistically influential in the district because the two-story galleries of its dining room wing had railings made of cast iron rather than wood. Its architect, Henry Howard, is known for designing Nottaway- the largest plantation home in America- and other monumental homes. The fence, with a pattern of morning glories intertwining with cornstalks, is the most famous example of cat iron in the Garden District. Legend has it that Colonel Short purchased the fence for his wife, who was homesick for her native Iowa. A similar cornstalk fence appears in the French Quarter at 915 Royal St. After the Shorts, the house was occupied for a brief time by the Union governor Michael Hahn and subsequently by occupational governor Nathaniel Banks during the Civil War. 1448 Fourth St.- Fodor’s Travel 2015).

  2nd house, “Robinson House”, just following the blocks, they are all there- few steps away from each other. Also I could easily tell this house is something. The funny thing is all these historic houses are surrounded by local residences. I heard music playing from right across the street house, a dog barked. (Styled after an Italian villa, this home built in the late 1850s is one of the largest in the district. Doric and Corinthian columns support the rounded galleries. It is believed to be the first house in New Orleans with “waterworks,” as indoor plumbing was called then. Years of extensive renovation based on the original plans culminated with a re-landscaping in 2005. 1415 Third St- Fodor’s Travel 2015.)

  3rd- Lonsdale House. Big and so decorative house. (As a 16 year-old immigrant working in the New Orleans shipyards, Henry Lonsdale noticed how many damaged goods were arriving from upriver. Spotting a need for more-protective shipping materials, he developed the burlap bag (clued in by his parents, who had picked up a sample in India). He made a fortune in burlap, only to lose it all in the 1837 depression. Lonsdale next turned to coffee importing, an industry that ran into problems during the Civil War: the Union blocked imports from Brazil, the major supplier of coffee to New Orleans. Lonsdale hit upon the momentous idea of cutting the limited coffee grins with chicory, a bitter root, and New Orleanians have been drinking the blend ever since. The house, built with his entrepreneurial dollars, displays many fine details, including intricate cast-iron work on the galleries and a marble entrance hall. The statue of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in the ornate gazebo in the front yard is a remnant of the house’s more than 70 years as an active Catholic chapel, which ended with its controversial sale to novelist Anne Rice in 1996. Actor Nicholas Cage purchased the home in 2005 and put it up for sale in 2009 after facing foreclosure on the property, as well as on the LaLaurie mansion he owned in the French Quarter. 2523 Prytania St- Fodor’s Travel 2015).

  As I planned, perfect time for lunch, heading to Rouses Market where is located more close to CBD- they have a salad bar and it’s a local, must check it out! Wine sampling- two sips on red and white wine- right in time for I needed some alcohol in body haha J. Flirting around the market with feet pain but worth of doing (things are not cheap here in NOLA, folks, just be aware). With fruits and leafy greens, an apple for tomorrow morning, one oatmeal packet and banana from hotel, my lunch meal is all set. Plus, I asked for hot water t the coffee station inside and local honey mix- a simple great tea ready for me free! Oh God, how I missed leafy greens!!! How much I adore fruits in my meal! So much expression bursting out! (next day I did see the power of leafy greens hahaha). Full one hour lunch for a long time. Boost up.

  Heading to Canal St. to ride Algiers Ferry- $2. It was free of charge until last a couple of years but they ran out of budget after Hurricane Katrina. Right after I got in, I realized that $2 is for one-way. I must take off and get in again with another fare, dah-. I politely explained that I did not plan to get off for I wanted to see the view across from the Mississippi river. But rule is rule, he said. Oh well, just knocked the restaurant there to get a change, but sale must be done. Next door, small wine bar. A lady there was so life saver that she changed $5 bill from her own pocket. See? Go Extra miles for people- the spirit of NOLA. Too much quite, nothing to explore, I met a Canadian couple (early 50s), we chatted little bit, that was all. $4 was worth of doing? I don’t know but at least I won’t regret that I didn’t ride on ferry- J. Initially, I was planning to ride on ferry on Saturday morning, the day I leave for my flight leave at 3:45pm. Thought that I have enough time, but since I need to go to farmers’ market, also… time might be tight up, so why not today? And obviously, it was a great decision I made. Yoohoo!

  “Still before 6pm, cannot go back to hotel. Believe it or not, this is the last night in New Orleans. I’m not even sure I’ll be coming back in my life or not”. Got off at Bourbon St. and discovered the merit of that street for I did see crowed on that street when passing by. How! All nightlife bars are here! I do see people aged around me. They are holding ‘Go Cup’ on hands, walking around groove their bodies in Jazz music; waiters standing front of restaurants holding their menus, loud chatting, laughing, and posing for pictures. For few blocks are only for pedestrians and it reminds me of Hong Dae Street in Korea. Luckily, I stopped by ‘New Orleans Musical Legend Park’, so small so it can be missing easily if you don’t pay attention.  Then walking up to hotel on purpose, wanted to feel the air in French Quarter, New Orleans. So worth of doing! A Good trip for today.

  For dinner a banana and half left over oats, breakfast bar station has hot water 24 hours! Hot fresh green tea for drink, yah-. With Food Network and Gilmore Girls TV shows on, reading the Bible, planning for tomorrow’s itinerary such a good night for myself. Had pills for pain. Drowsy.



Day 4: 2.28.2015 (Saturday) < @ Center Business District>

  With a relief mind from finding a cup last night (yoohoo!) everything comes back in normal. Higher temperature, lots of sunshine but slightly more windy than yesterday (yesterday was no wind either as prayer requested hoho). Itinerary of today is so simple: Crescent Farmer’s Market in CBD district, in few blocks Magazine St. and Julia St. are there- again, all walking distances.

  Just in case farmer’s market does not have adequate sample foods for me, had one apple (these days I am crazy about crispy apples!!!) from Rouses market yesterday, grabbed two instant oatmeal packets and bananas from hotel (it will cover lunch as well). My forecast was aimed on 10 points mark. The market was tremendously small! It was placed in the small parking spaces behind a building, OMG, about 10 markets were there. A thumb size of sourdough bread sample was all I got. What can I say in this small market? However, I found a good-looking guy who sells fresh produces off of his truck. First I was amazed by “beautiful” colors of cauliflower- purple, pink, yellow, white… also their sizes are huge-, then looked up the seller, boom-. I just waited and waited to slap a moment to take a picture of him pretending I’m taking a picture of produce. Hahaha- (but I assume he knew). My farmer’s market tour just ended like this. Plenty of time until check-out. I started to walk to Julia St. while scooping oatmeal and ended up being in WWII museum for that building was standing right there, front of me. I had not planned to stop by here, ever from beginning of the trip and I literally ignored when St. Charles streetcar stopped at. But here I am and I did actually make myself get into that building and tour. Of course, I am a war museum like person, felt almost nausea. Stepping up steers in Lee Circle and heading to Lafayette Square. I checked Julia St. on the way, nothing really special, don’t even understand why it’s call Julia Row. Come on, NOLAns-. Cute little park, the Lafayette Square. Cross the street, it is CBD, all big high buildings are most likely banks. Sneak Peak inside of PJ’s Coffee, the local famous coffee. Their menu is similar to Starbucks, but few local items like ‘King Cake Latte’ and ‘Pralines & Cream’. Now I’m heading to French Quarter again on Canal St. On my left side Starbucks! Ok- ‘the’ only Starbucks I could see in whole area of New Orleans. The interior is so- unique, never seen this type of interior anywhere. It fills up with NOLA’s Jazz spirit- instruments are hanging on the ceiling, whole wall painting, so many POS stations- at least 5. Place is huge but didn’t give a feeling that I’m packed inside.

  Check-out time is 11am, not 12pm. I was so glad I double-checked; otherwise, I would be billed. The tip I got from this trip is hanging ‘Do Not Disturb’ tag all the time during whole trip. That way, housekeepers won’t bother to clean up and I don’t worry about close and open a baggage recently. That room is all mine for those days. It feels like departing to the airport is way too early, but it’s better to stay there than rushing and worry about traffic jam or any other unexpected things happen later on. 11:10 am local bus, one block from hotel. (If you want to experience real local people, get on the bus. They are still friendly, but somewhat different than streetcars that are packed with travelers). I waited too long for Jefferson Transit E2 line bus, almost an hour. While waiting, I was so thankful to God that He knew that bus will be delayed so He intentionally scheduled everything to fit in- check-in time, RTA bus schedule.. You Rock, Lord! J. Safely arrived and enjoyed the airport facilities while having a banana and oats for lunch. On the board I had a cup of Merlot red wine to make myself relax from all fatigue… obviously I was. Here, while on board I jotted down things on the napkin tissue. I just type here in below. (I confess that I was little slightly bit drunk.. haha-)

  In airplane- Finishing NOLA trip (4:10pm CT)

God answered more my prayers more than I requested. Thank You, my God J. 끄적이고 싶어서 뒤적뒤적. 피곤할때 알콜 섭취는 회복(?) 띵띵~~@ (뱅기안 아기가 미친듯 우는데, 기도그 아이와 엄마에게 평안. 그 엄마는 미안한 맘이 오죽하겠어요. 기도 후부터 조용해요 J 하나님은 내 이기적인 기도보다 남을위한 기도에는 정말 즉각 응답해주시는걸 다시 깨달아요. 그런 기도를 기뻐 받으시는거 같아요.) *여행 수필을 쓰고 싶어서 근질 근질. ‘사진과 함께 나의 Trip Journey 를 어찌 다 기록할수 있을까? 가장 효과적인 방법은 무엇일까? 한글/영어? Web (Blog)/ 노트? Blog posting good. 가끔은 근데, 옆에 소장하고프다. Analog ㅋㅋ.

  Hotel Life- TV all day long, even if I’m not watching. Want to own my TV or iPad with TV channel in my room, hanging on the wall (The best way to learn English like Natives. Sometimes, old folks’ speaking- hard to understand. This needs to be answered, Lord! (Red Wine- 알딸딸 췻기 ㅋㅋ). A lady sitting next me kept trying to talk to me but I couldn’t know how to response- darn-. This is the weakness part that I’m facing now. Lord~, I’m looking up the sky now J.

  Oats-, Bravo! Natural weight loss grain, EVER!!! (Love, Love, bling, bling). 발이 아파도 극적 극적. 다음 여행지를 찾기 위해- Victoria/Vancouver, Canada in May? Like a Canadian couple recommended? He said Victoria will be beautiful in May for flowers bloom. (Korea??? Lord?) 거기서 알찬 (J) 유럽남을 만나 시작하는건가요오-? 여행. 새로운 경험. Analog 시대 (No social media). Make me happy!

  매번 여행이 있었으면 좋겠어요, 삶이 여행! 여행 즐기는 남편을 만났으면 좋겠어요. 글 쓰는걸 좋아하니, 이 모든 것을 기록하면 좋겠어요 (말하고 나누면 기억에 더 남잖아요). 어디든 계속- 보내주세요. 여행할 수 있는 곳이라면 대환영! J

  1 Go Extra Miles & Greeting & Smile (SUPER friendly/nice). A local lady in Pink outfit got on the streetcar and greeted people, “Hi, y’all.” Smile- lips meet ears smile, half-moon eyes smile. Fresh Shock!

  2 Super Power of Plant-Based Diet 경험케? 목적이셨나요? J (Bowel movement ㅋㅋSalad-> Bomb!)

  3 No CO life! Seriously, Lord ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. My health (eyes, digestion, sleep, and regular daily duration) got healthy outside of CO!!! but still in U.S territory ㅋㅋㅋ

è  나는 죽으나 사나,     움직여야 살고, (여행- all over the world, all the time)

, 긁적긁적대야 살아요.

(Didn’t plan, but green coat= one of the NOLA’s color, yeah?)

후훗, 내 남편은 재력이 많은 남편이여야 겠어요. 여행해야지만 되는 wife 만났으니 ㅋ. 중간중간 콧바람을 쐬주지 않으면 큰 일(!) 나니까요 ㅋㅋ

(아이들이 그 어느 때보다도 더 예뻐보여요. Is it a time?)

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