Monday, March 9, 2015

Lemon Juice Cookie Pan

Lemon Juice Cookie Pan

I revised the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe from L& L Happy Herbivore. 

I supposed to make it as cookie shape but this is the way I do these days. 
(Excuse of two little pokes here. Needed to check this is done). 

Replaced plant milk to Lemon Juice, that's why I call this cookie pan (yeah- I can call this 'cookie pan!')

Also replaced chocolate chips to Oats. 
I love oats inside of cookies or muffins. 
(Cocoa allergy. As I mentioned some of other postings).

Cut this as pizza slices so it could be called more like 'Cookie Pan' :)

This will be my brunch tomorrow. 
Can't wait to eat it! Yoohoo! :)

Ok! Finally!

Lemon flavor perfect goes with sunny sunshine warm weather today!
Outside firm(?) sort of crispy and inside chewy. Did I learn this technique? Hahaha- accidentally came up but good-!

Humm... Yes, this recipe is designed for cookie. That means sweetness. Honestly, i better reduce the amount slightly little for I am always eat with honey or something. 

100% Satisfy-yeap baby! 

On the way to home, it reminds me of oatmeal cookies from Native foods Cafe- theirs are little more strunch outside, less lemon flavor. Other than that omg. Same!

OMG, did I really create that awesome recipe here?!?!

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