Sunday, March 1, 2015

Chickea Bean Cookie- HH

It is supposed to be cookie shape but I don't mind the shape. 

I followed the Everyday Happy Herbivore's Butter Bean Cookie on page 241.  

Made of Chickpea!!!
Hurray! So healthy and so yummy!
Guilty free, folks!

Time total of about 25 min from prep to bake. I made even my own applesauce from scratch and it included on time. 

I obmitted chocolate chips. I don't want this cookie any other sweet pluz, chicolate allergy. 

Creamy and buttery flavor
But at the same time crunch texture. How this could happen at the same time?
Bake it longer than it instructed. 
Bake it for 20 min. Make sure the edge is gold but not to gold so crunchness and softness inside.  ummm! :)

Made this for tomorrow's lunch. 
It is like muffins. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

Can't wait to eat it. 
Big bites for sure-! 

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