Sunday, March 29, 2015

Beer Bread- HH

Last night I made Beer Bread from Everyday Happy Herbivore. 

The ingredients are so simple- amazingly simple. 
I used Colorado Local Beer- Fat Tire. 
This beer is tasty and good, I used to enjoyed last year quite often; however, stopped drinking for stomach ache after. Maybe it is strong to my stomach. 

Anyway, few are at home for my parents bought them. 

Lindsay said bake it for an hour but mine was completed for 30 minutes, yeah!

It came out really crispy outside, the way I like :) 

Oh, I used organic whole rye flour here. 
For all my flour, I buy organic bulk from Whole Foods Market, btw. 
The reason I switched? 
Rye itself is one of my favorite, but also economically save my money haha!

(I mean I guess HH's muffins, desserts are all good). 
I can definately enjoy the flavor of beer on every bite and healthy bread with crispy outside.
This taste is somewhat so familar... I think it reminds me of 'vegan breadstick' I have tasted in San Jose, the one that I got from Whole Foods- the local bakery's . Just not having any seeds, or extra sweetness..
I missed this few months ago, now I got this myself. I rock, lol!!!

I am enjoying it with mashed avocado dip , it brights up the flavor, too!

Rest of bread will fly with me next month! :)

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