Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Whole Foods Market in New Orleans

Had to stopped by Whole foods market. 
Because I am in new town and it is only 25 min walking distance away from my hotel. 

But nothing stopped me haha-
Well..., on the way to go there I was scared honestly, and kept thinking 'should I need to go back? This area does not seem to be safe enough.'  'Well, ok.. Just grab and come back. A hour later it will be dark.'

Since the location is opposite way of downtown French Quarter, constructions all around, poor looking houses... it might be natural thought. 
If I did not meet a old lady on the corner of the market, I would probably went back without any hesitant. 

I was seriously starving at that moment. Had half size of apple, about 3 tbsp oats for breakfast; 1 big banana and about 2 tbsp oats for lunch. 
Dizziness.. Head bing bing 
Cold haha-

Market itself is cozy size. 
Very unique interior than California and Colorado. 
Found some vegan desserts easily but noooo- vegan soup for today... Arrrr. 
Hoped they do but since not all whole foods markets carry (I know), an appology accepted kk. 

Walked around really fast & quick (if I were here litttle bit earlier than 4:30 pm then no rush..). 
Bulk items like grain, prices are slightly pricey than others hummm. Why...

Had to have leady greens and fruits. No matter what, must must must! :)
Grabbed Engine 2 plant-strong organic Crispbread original for carb. 
Hesitant between french baguette and this but more healthy ingredients, you won Engine 2!

Not many sittings. All two seats in a table. Almost swallowed salad. Time is ticking ticking ticking. 

Well, the entrance of the market actually reminds me of a market in France I visited nearby motel. 

I actually surprised that Whole Foods Market is located the area like this. 

Well, I don't think I will go back there for I feel unsecured by surrounding area. Only by this reason, staffs are super nice and store itself is cozy and good. Don't get me wrong. 

I am writting this while eating snacks (I was craving for dense type of snacks last few days. Satisfied. I would regret if I chose baguette.Lord, You know me better always :D Thank You). 

Also glad I did not go to 'Green Goddness' restaurant, either. 
Probably they would not have ones I wanted anyway but way more pricey. 

King size bed
Watching Food Network Channel
Bright lights
So good-!

The first Impression of New Orleans-
People are sooooo polite and nice! :)

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