Monday, February 16, 2015

French Toast Muffin from HH

French Toast Muffin from HH

Can I say it is insanely good??? 👍

I do not have muffin pan so why not just use regular baking pan instead?
(Should had take a picture before cutting.. I am not get used to this step yet haha)


(Used Organic Cane Sugar)-its own sweetness brings up the taste! Do not use any liquid sweetners here. There should be texture of the cane sugar. Trust me on this :)

Personally, so far I used three times of chickpea flour and last two times, honestly, did not like the taste nor the texture of it at all. Thought that I need to get rid of the rest of it soon. That's why when I see this recipe, I say it is perfect.

Nonono. For this baking I should keep maintain the flour haha. 

Seriously, it is soooooo good!

Also, it only takes about 25 min, prep and baking altogether. 

I did even make my own applesauce!

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