Friday, February 6, 2015

Cinnamon Roll

I was dying for baking these few weeks but haven't got a chance to do it.
I release my stress by baking but not doing so, more stressful.
Must!!! Make it today; otherwise, I would die for not making it, dying under stress- not making.
The very first time using yeast in my life, scarrrry-
This recipe is from HH.
The only replacement I made this time was not using typical plant-based milk, but banana milk.
Yes, banana milk, HOME MADE banana milk.
(It's really simply. 1:1 ratio of banana and water. Blend it. That's it.)

Lindsay adds chef's note there about picking flour. I used whole wheet pastry flour. I think I like this one better. Good choice. Haha-
My bun got sort of dry but since I love texture of little bit of dryness naturally, who care?
I made this for myself and I like it. Then, success! :)

* 2 Cup of flour would work better with Banana Milk I guess.

I did not make icing on purpose.
Maybe I might for next time when I am craving for sweetness.
Otherwise, cinnammon roll it itself is sweet enought, satisfy my sweet tooth :)
Yes, I must move my hands on baking once in a while.
That's me, and that release my stress naturally automatically in healthy way.

Haaaaapppppppppppy! :D

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