Sunday, February 1, 2015

Buffalo "Wings" Sauce from Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook

Today is Super Bowl Day

I am not a football fan at all so it does not mean anything to me, BUT there are super bowl dishes people are crazy about. It means I get good inpirations! :)

Today, no revise or any. From "Preserve and Prevent a Heart Disease Cookbook"
(My FAVORITE FAVORITE cookbook so far, EVER!)

Tried buffalo "wings" sauce.
About a couple of weeks ago I tried HH version of wing sauce with cauliflower.
It did not go well, honestly- first time trial of vegan yogurt. That failed with portion with other ingredients. Maybe that was the hugh part of the failure(?).

NOW, different version of wing sauce.
I basically did not revise at all.
Ingredients are much simpler than HH- I am not feel like having cheesey flavor today, which is so perfect, too! NO vegan yogurt or whatsoever that I need to buy extra.
All ingredients are pantry stocked.

Taste is really really great! Real Buffalo Wings!
I just digged myself into the batter, seriously. It's that good!

Simple, clean but full of buffalo wings sauce that I tasted before when I eat chicken few years back, but obviously, Whole Foods Plant-Based now. How cool is that? yeah? :)

Hugh Hugh success, ever!

Thank you Ann and Jane Esseltyn! You are truly my heroes! :)
Can't say thank you enough for your cookbook!

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