Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spicy Bean Dip- HH Meal Plan

Tomorrow will be busy day for sure. That means no time to eat in sitting again. Eat as work. 

Very much exciting about this week's meal plan. Among them, I need to get rid of salsa that I bought and opened. Second, avocado.
Sounds like it turns out 'Mexican food'. 

With original recipe, I added 

red and green bell pepper- chopped
- avocado- chopped
- green pepper (korean style)- minced
- chipotle salsa
- bean- cooked
- baked potato* (replacing tortilla chips)

Amount is really upto your belly capacity and taste. So I don't put the number of measurement. 

* not a fan of tortilla. Baked potato as crust and then I will spread dip on top. Just like pizza on your style!

I cannot wait to taste it tommorrow! 

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