Friday, January 16, 2015

Rainbow Noodle Bowl

For tomorrow's lunch I made Rainbow Noodle Bowl today. 

Recipe looks so good and other folks in Facebook members' pictures dragged me to make this. 

Of course, add and subtract made to suit me my taste. 
Amount of meal half
No kale (i cannot stand kale. I am more like collars green girl but no in stock. Skipped)
No asparagas either. Another vegetable I cannot hang around. 
Eggplant, red bell pepper sliced added! 

Dressing- same amount as recipe indicates. Usually I make 1:2 ratio for loving of dressing and condiments haha :)

Mistake 😣
It says I need to store components separately. Now I get that three different storage- dressing, noodle and steamed vegetables. 
I guess I was too tired to think straight. 
I mixed vegi and dressing together- thought that if I mix these together then vegi will be marinated more and taste better tomorrow. Yea- it might be but it will be soggy 😓 And thought I need to store noodle in ziploc. 
Oh noooo. Maybe I can put noodle and vegi together and dressing separately. That makes sence more right? What was I thinking on earth! Kk

Well next time. Too late to flip this all over. 

Another new(?) is I add Korean sweet potato starch noodle (Dang Myun) with soba. Just curiousity how will this taste. By imagining it does not cooperate together with this dressig but I myself throw a try. Why not! Always new to experience 😆 

Cannot wait how it tastes like. 
Will post it tomorrow- 

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