Saturday, January 24, 2015

Priscilla's Salad

Main is eggplant :)

Green bell pepper

Sautee with water first
Low- sodium soysauce
Wine vinegar (*this is the key!)
Agave nectar

Stir occasionally
Cover with lid for steaming for a while

Sprinkle with red pepper powder almost at the end to kick the hot flavor

After this salad done I added leafy green to marinate with the leftover sauce on thr pan, also the coconut date roll. 
I like the date roll in warm for it gets tender and bring more natural flavor of itself. So I tested in a sauce pan if that works well too :)
Good haha

Most of all, salad dressing so simple but so awesome! 
Sweet, sour and heaven-!!!
It integrates so great. I mean so great:)

Big success today, yahoo! 

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