Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Teriyaki Bean

Inspired by HH Hawaiian bean

With cooked soybean I made I tried to find out what I can make. I love teriyaki sauce. So First of all, I made HH version of teriyaki sauce. OMG, sooo good! 
I need only 1/4 cup of it but as the recipe indicated, made 1 1/4 cup. Rest of it , I can make any dish. Yes I mean it, any dish with it. 

Original recipe contains pineapple. That's why I guess it is called Hawaiian Bean. However, there is no pineapple, why dont I substitue with grapefruit? Who can say NO to that? It is my dish anyway :)

Yes, then with teriyaki sauce on the pan,  added onion to be saute and then beans to be marinated and absorbed to sauce. 

It is quite success! 
Of course, I need vegetable on all meals of mine, again, this time with lettuce. 

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