Friday, January 16, 2015

Grapefruit Baked Oatmeal

HH Meal plan. 

While I decided to make Apple Crisp, one oven, two meal will save energy and time so here it goes. 

Subsitute Lemon with grapefruite. Why? Again no lemon in hand only grapfruit ;)

Rest of the ingredients same except used baking soda no powder. Thought I havr but out totally and no lemon extract. 

Outside is crispy after 30 min baking and soft inside (someone might say it is soggy first time but set it outside and chill, then it will be firmed little bit so no more soggy texture anymore). 

Serving size is really 1. Usually serving size 1 is still huge portion to me but jus right. 

As I kept chewing, the natural sweetness kicks in. No added sugar or agave or vanilla extract which I like although I am always a sweet tooth person.

Another improvement. Hurrah!
80% success!

So easy and <5 min prep time. 

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