Monday, January 12, 2015

Ensalada Azteca Salad

@ Native Foods Cafe

Got a birthday freebie. Yoopie :)
Could not decide among ansalda salad, chicken wing and oatmeal creme pie. 
Last two were so tempting but-
I made my choice to salad. 
Why? No oil! Healthy choice for my body!
More than enough reason to compromise. 

Dressing and all salad components are good. Huge huge amount. 
Well for $10, fair amount i think. 
Just huge amount to me, that's all kk

Quinoa mingles with salad. Good-
I forgot to mention get rid of pimpkin seed but more raisin lol..
But creamy taste from that seed mingles well with cold ingredients of vegetable. 

For me this salad will go well with soup and baguette or something warm im winter. Or just good with lemonade in summer. 

Since huge amount, i will probably eat this three separate times- 3 meals for me. Haha

Freebie deal? 

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