Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chickpea Salad Pizza

Feel like pizza today. 
Warm and sunshine day!

Pizza dough out market, all oil included. No time to make my own for starving after church, decided to go with "Breakfast Pizza" chickpea flour dough(?) from HH Meal Plan. But the uniqueness of mine is that I spread "Cannellini Bean Sauce" from Dr. Esselystn's cookbook (p.110) AND Priscilla's salad from yesterday for topping. Of course, add leafy greens. 

Cannot go wrong with this combination!!! 
Two Thumbs Up!

Oh, for pizza sauce, I simply use 'Spagetti Sauce for Vegan' from Tradet Joe's. 
This is no oil added as well!
Full of tremendous satisfied flavor ofpizza sauce. I like this much much better than Engine 2's. As flavorful and price way too!

This pizza is just too good!
I just dig into it haha :D

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