Monday, January 12, 2015

Breakfast Bake from HH meal plan

Left: applesauce only with coconut shred
Right: original recipe

Both do not contain cocoa powder. Replaced it with raisin. For I am not a big fan of chocolate flavor. Plus, cocoa allergy. Carob powder can be used, but skipped. Totally fine. Still sweet enough!

Coconut flakes, it will go with more dense and sticky texture rather smudge texture. Maybe with banana ingredient, the right bake. Will try with that next time. 

I made mistake. Apple sauce was homemade from HH. However, mis-caculated the water measurement. Came out sort of soaky. Haha- 
So bake it more minutes to make it some more dense or firm. 

Few bites the right one, texture wise, the way I am more pleased :)

Ok! I am in progress! 

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