Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bean Burger

Bean burger patties

I used to make them when I lived alone in San Jose quite alot for it is easy to make and really convenient so access to eat. Once it is made, freeze on the freezer and refrost. Then there you go!

I personally don't eat it with burger bread but itself with condiments. Still good and awesome!

This time I got inspired by the 'secret menu from in & out burger' wrap with lettuce! :)

Since I cookd abundant soybean over the weekend, here goes enough amount of surviving food for me. 

-smushed cooked bean with end of knife edge
- eggplant- chopped
- bell pepper- chopped
- onion- chopped
- garlic powder (i will use minced garlic next time to fresh and strong flavor)
- pepper
- low sodium soy sauce
- grauated red pepper (Korean style)- i love this. So I have this to every condiments too! 

(Put herbs or chopped green onion will cooperate with this well, I believe. Give it a try with this. I will next time).

Preheat the oven at 350 degree. 
Spread the parchment paper or oven safe baking plates. 
Mix all up together. Make a ball and pressure then down to look like burger patties and bake in an oven.
(Using a fry pan would be work fine. But cover up with lid to have enough heating).
Bake until the edges got gold and brown. 
Cool down little bit. 

Enjoy them as they are or with your favorite condiments. 
Have them with burger bread or lettuce. 

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