Friday, January 16, 2015

Apple Crisp-HH

I know it is not a pretty meal picture, I admit it haha-
However, the taste wise it is NOT :)

Got inspired by 'Peach Crisp' HH recipe. I subsitute peach with apple- why? No peach in hand but wanted to try. Rest of the ingredients remain same. 

Since it is designed for breakfast meal, thr prep time only takes about 5 min. Pull out all ingredients included. Bake for 10 min for crispy texture. 

I wonder how baked apple taste would be because I don't really like apple pie. 
One small bite oats only first. Crispy. I love uncooked baked oats texture! Cinnamon flavor. Pleasant. 
Apple itself. Hummm-! Not bad. Actually it is ok than thought. Apple's unique cripiness texture is more brought out. 
Now together one bite. Hummmm! Good! Must bite and chew together in order to enjoy the full meal pleasantly. 

With cinnamon tea I bought in England last September, good combination. 
Warm comfort breakfast. 

80% success :)

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