Saturday, January 31, 2015


First time try out Muesli entire life of mine.

Recipe from HH, of course, revised to my own version again. Haha.
Ingredients are so simple and really easy to make it for breakfast (but for me lunch again).
Chill it at least 2 hours ahead or overnight.

I always to dry, uncooked oats for loving the texture of itself.
Never soak in any liquids but here I go.

With soymilk chilled for overnight and add leafy greens and large medjool dates and microwave.
It is chilly outside today, do not want any cold thing inside of mouth.

Actually, it is not bad at all than I would imagine.
There's another unique texture of oats which I can handle.
With leafy green and dates, it brings out the flavors- natural sweetness, yah!
Also it is healthy enought too! :)

No pictures today.
I was hungry so started digged..


fresh fruit, diced , ½ cup nondairy milk, ⅓ cup rolled oats

Friday, January 30, 2015

Red Bean Soup

Today's Lunch.
Korean style of Red Bean Soup (Revised version)
Kept thinking about having a red bean soup- Korean style since last few days. Then I though, how about adding leafy greens and dates?
Instead of any sweetner, I replace it with two large medjoor dates and boil together.
And add leafy green almost at the end.
Sweet enough! so good!
Then add some coconut chips. I will say, 'Don't' for the future. haha-
It is cloudy this afternoon.
Perfect for hot red bean soup for lunch!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Strawberry Parfait(?)

For lunch I made MY version of strawberry parfait- adopted Prevention and Reverse Cookbook.

Well, I should had listen Ann and Jane's advise, NO silken tofu, just LITE firmness...
At Whole Foods Market the other day, they had two varieties- silken and lite. But the expiration date for lite was too soon, so I just grabbed a silken. Tooooo waterrrrryyyyy.

I add sweet strawberry and at the end, dash of nutmeg and cinnamon powder to taste.

It is just ok. Will be better with lite firm tofu next time. haha :D

Therefore, no picture.. (secret is I just dig from the jar itself).

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Chickpea Salad Pizza

Feel like pizza today. 
Warm and sunshine day!

Pizza dough out market, all oil included. No time to make my own for starving after church, decided to go with "Breakfast Pizza" chickpea flour dough(?) from HH Meal Plan. But the uniqueness of mine is that I spread "Cannellini Bean Sauce" from Dr. Esselystn's cookbook (p.110) AND Priscilla's salad from yesterday for topping. Of course, add leafy greens. 

Cannot go wrong with this combination!!! 
Two Thumbs Up!

Oh, for pizza sauce, I simply use 'Spagetti Sauce for Vegan' from Tradet Joe's. 
This is no oil added as well!
Full of tremendous satisfied flavor ofpizza sauce. I like this much much better than Engine 2's. As flavorful and price way too!

This pizza is just too good!
I just dig into it haha :D

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Priscilla's Salad

Main is eggplant :)

Green bell pepper

Sautee with water first
Low- sodium soysauce
Wine vinegar (*this is the key!)
Agave nectar

Stir occasionally
Cover with lid for steaming for a while

Sprinkle with red pepper powder almost at the end to kick the hot flavor

After this salad done I added leafy green to marinate with the leftover sauce on thr pan, also the coconut date roll. 
I like the date roll in warm for it gets tender and bring more natural flavor of itself. So I tested in a sauce pan if that works well too :)
Good haha

Most of all, salad dressing so simple but so awesome! 
Sweet, sour and heaven-!!!
It integrates so great. I mean so great:)

Big success today, yahoo! 

Friday, January 23, 2015


For lunch today I 'tried' to make Korean style Mochi. I made it few times back in San Jose, but has been a while... 
And obvioisly mochi tells me that fact so clearly haha. 

Sounds funny but I am having red bean and flour separately hahahaha

Cannot even take a picture of it for I am so embarrassed. 
Maybe next time will be better! 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Acorn Salad

Lunch: acorn salad
With balsamic vinegar stir with honey dressing

Dotori muk (Korean dish)
Leafy Green

Great healthy salad!

Let me tell you.
This dressing is so so so great!
I understand why Esselstyn's family enjoy to use balsamic vinegar!!!
Mine is combined with honey so it could be different a bit but still.. Way to go balsamic vinegar!

No soy sauce or sodium wise condiments are needed any more. 
I AM over it, finally! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Eggplant Veggie

For today's lunch I had my own creation of meal(?).

Found eggplant in the refridgelator! (One of my favorite vegi, yeah!!! :))
Left over salsa, onion....

Hummm, what can I make with these ingredients? And FAST?

I just cut eggplant and onion in slice and camarelized with water only in the pan.
Then miced garlic (garlic lover, here haha) and salsa.
Added about 1/4 tbp of low-sodium soy sauce.

Mingle together with medium high.
It was alright.

I just wanted to make a list myself that what I had for today to track (for now, this is the main reason why I am doing blog haha).

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Easy Cookie! No sugar added :)


Bornig day?
Try this :)

3 ripe mashed bananas
1/3 applesauce
2 cups oats
1/4 cups almond milk (plant-based milk)
1/2 cups raisin (optional)
1 tsp vanilla
1 tap cinnamon

Bake at 350 degree for 15-20 min. 

Seasonal Calender for Fruits

Seasonal fruit chart. Usual source. 

Canada Beer

So far, you win!
You rock!!!

Best taste beer ever! (Price wise also)
Approval from me and mom :)

Find it from liquor stores. 
You won't regret. 

Mood Food

Oh yeah- 
Whole Foods Plant-Based!

No junk foods!

Banana Dog?!

Heared this is good  but really? Kk
Since cannot put peanut butter there, it is not going to be a perfect flavor as indicated...

Anyone wants to try???

Mashed Potato with Mushroom Gravy-HH

Mashed Res Potato with Mushroom Gravy from HH. 

Added saved frozen baked beans with potato. 
Do not know about the flavor of Italian seasoning- never experienced. So subsituted with oregano. Well, oregano is new to me totally so.. :)

I was such in a hurry and busy so this density of gravy made little bit thicker than it supposes to be- multi-tasked. 

Eating at Whole Foods Market. The microwave quite not working well. Not to warm meal. 

Unusually, I added a pinch of salt at the end for bland little bit but definately yes to nutmeg! Always, most of times nutmeg is the secret :)

It is alright. 
Feel satusfied because I am WH Market without any crowded around here. Love this new place! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Nacho Cheese Sauce- HH

Needed to have some sort of warm and chessy meal for dinner.

HH has Nacho Cheese Sauce. 
Simple ingredients and super quick!
I skipped oats there for not feeling for oats but always pepper in it today. 

Perfect flavor :)
Cheesy sort of spicy. 
Salsa kicks the flavor I believe. 

Had little bit of left over cooked soba noodle from yesterday. 
Stir it into sauce. Ummmm- creamy noodle all the sudden. 

So satisfied!

(Maybe paprika flavor will shine the flavor more?! 😉)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Rainbow Noodle Bowl

For tomorrow's lunch I made Rainbow Noodle Bowl today. 

Recipe looks so good and other folks in Facebook members' pictures dragged me to make this. 

Of course, add and subtract made to suit me my taste. 
Amount of meal half
No kale (i cannot stand kale. I am more like collars green girl but no in stock. Skipped)
No asparagas either. Another vegetable I cannot hang around. 
Eggplant, red bell pepper sliced added! 

Dressing- same amount as recipe indicates. Usually I make 1:2 ratio for loving of dressing and condiments haha :)

Mistake 😣
It says I need to store components separately. Now I get that three different storage- dressing, noodle and steamed vegetables. 
I guess I was too tired to think straight. 
I mixed vegi and dressing together- thought that if I mix these together then vegi will be marinated more and taste better tomorrow. Yea- it might be but it will be soggy 😓 And thought I need to store noodle in ziploc. 
Oh noooo. Maybe I can put noodle and vegi together and dressing separately. That makes sence more right? What was I thinking on earth! Kk

Well next time. Too late to flip this all over. 

Another new(?) is I add Korean sweet potato starch noodle (Dang Myun) with soba. Just curiousity how will this taste. By imagining it does not cooperate together with this dressig but I myself throw a try. Why not! Always new to experience 😆 

Cannot wait how it tastes like. 
Will post it tomorrow- 

Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Like Dr. mcDougall always say Corn Starch! For Lose weight naturally. 

Even the portion of the meal got larger and afraid of gaining weight, No No No. The truth is losig more weight. It helps digestion and has fiber. 

Just avoid any types of 'processed carb'. That's the enemy(!) that should avoid. 

Personally, I like red potato for creamier and sweetness flavor. 

When you cook just throw in more healthy carb in your meal. It will help your digestion and will improve health gradually. Do noy quite. It might seem to take a while to some of people to see the health improvement but it will come without taking nasty killing medicine. 

Grapefruit Baked Oatmeal

HH Meal plan. 

While I decided to make Apple Crisp, one oven, two meal will save energy and time so here it goes. 

Subsitute Lemon with grapefruite. Why? Again no lemon in hand only grapfruit ;)

Rest of the ingredients same except used baking soda no powder. Thought I havr but out totally and no lemon extract. 

Outside is crispy after 30 min baking and soft inside (someone might say it is soggy first time but set it outside and chill, then it will be firmed little bit so no more soggy texture anymore). 

Serving size is really 1. Usually serving size 1 is still huge portion to me but jus right. 

As I kept chewing, the natural sweetness kicks in. No added sugar or agave or vanilla extract which I like although I am always a sweet tooth person.

Another improvement. Hurrah!
80% success!

So easy and <5 min prep time. 

Apple Crisp-HH

I know it is not a pretty meal picture, I admit it haha-
However, the taste wise it is NOT :)

Got inspired by 'Peach Crisp' HH recipe. I subsitute peach with apple- why? No peach in hand but wanted to try. Rest of the ingredients remain same. 

Since it is designed for breakfast meal, thr prep time only takes about 5 min. Pull out all ingredients included. Bake for 10 min for crispy texture. 

I wonder how baked apple taste would be because I don't really like apple pie. 
One small bite oats only first. Crispy. I love uncooked baked oats texture! Cinnamon flavor. Pleasant. 
Apple itself. Hummm-! Not bad. Actually it is ok than thought. Apple's unique cripiness texture is more brought out. 
Now together one bite. Hummmm! Good! Must bite and chew together in order to enjoy the full meal pleasantly. 

With cinnamon tea I bought in England last September, good combination. 
Warm comfort breakfast. 

80% success :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spicy Bean Dip- HH Meal Plan

Tomorrow will be busy day for sure. That means no time to eat in sitting again. Eat as work. 

Very much exciting about this week's meal plan. Among them, I need to get rid of salsa that I bought and opened. Second, avocado.
Sounds like it turns out 'Mexican food'. 

With original recipe, I added 

red and green bell pepper- chopped
- avocado- chopped
- green pepper (korean style)- minced
- chipotle salsa
- bean- cooked
- baked potato* (replacing tortilla chips)

Amount is really upto your belly capacity and taste. So I don't put the number of measurement. 

* not a fan of tortilla. Baked potato as crust and then I will spread dip on top. Just like pizza on your style!

I cannot wait to taste it tommorrow! 

Teriyaki Bean

Inspired by HH Hawaiian bean

With cooked soybean I made I tried to find out what I can make. I love teriyaki sauce. So First of all, I made HH version of teriyaki sauce. OMG, sooo good! 
I need only 1/4 cup of it but as the recipe indicated, made 1 1/4 cup. Rest of it , I can make any dish. Yes I mean it, any dish with it. 

Original recipe contains pineapple. That's why I guess it is called Hawaiian Bean. However, there is no pineapple, why dont I substitue with grapefruit? Who can say NO to that? It is my dish anyway :)

Yes, then with teriyaki sauce on the pan,  added onion to be saute and then beans to be marinated and absorbed to sauce. 

It is quite success! 
Of course, I need vegetable on all meals of mine, again, this time with lettuce. 

Bean Burger

Bean burger patties

I used to make them when I lived alone in San Jose quite alot for it is easy to make and really convenient so access to eat. Once it is made, freeze on the freezer and refrost. Then there you go!

I personally don't eat it with burger bread but itself with condiments. Still good and awesome!

This time I got inspired by the 'secret menu from in & out burger' wrap with lettuce! :)

Since I cookd abundant soybean over the weekend, here goes enough amount of surviving food for me. 

-smushed cooked bean with end of knife edge
- eggplant- chopped
- bell pepper- chopped
- onion- chopped
- garlic powder (i will use minced garlic next time to fresh and strong flavor)
- pepper
- low sodium soy sauce
- grauated red pepper (Korean style)- i love this. So I have this to every condiments too! 

(Put herbs or chopped green onion will cooperate with this well, I believe. Give it a try with this. I will next time).

Preheat the oven at 350 degree. 
Spread the parchment paper or oven safe baking plates. 
Mix all up together. Make a ball and pressure then down to look like burger patties and bake in an oven.
(Using a fry pan would be work fine. But cover up with lid to have enough heating).
Bake until the edges got gold and brown. 
Cool down little bit. 

Enjoy them as they are or with your favorite condiments. 
Have them with burger bread or lettuce. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Breakfast Bake from HH meal plan

Left: applesauce only with coconut shred
Right: original recipe

Both do not contain cocoa powder. Replaced it with raisin. For I am not a big fan of chocolate flavor. Plus, cocoa allergy. Carob powder can be used, but skipped. Totally fine. Still sweet enough!

Coconut flakes, it will go with more dense and sticky texture rather smudge texture. Maybe with banana ingredient, the right bake. Will try with that next time. 

I made mistake. Apple sauce was homemade from HH. However, mis-caculated the water measurement. Came out sort of soaky. Haha- 
So bake it more minutes to make it some more dense or firm. 

Few bites the right one, texture wise, the way I am more pleased :)

Ok! I am in progress! 

Ensalada Azteca Salad

@ Native Foods Cafe

Got a birthday freebie. Yoopie :)
Could not decide among ansalda salad, chicken wing and oatmeal creme pie. 
Last two were so tempting but-
I made my choice to salad. 
Why? No oil! Healthy choice for my body!
More than enough reason to compromise. 

Dressing and all salad components are good. Huge huge amount. 
Well for $10, fair amount i think. 
Just huge amount to me, that's all kk

Quinoa mingles with salad. Good-
I forgot to mention get rid of pimpkin seed but more raisin lol..
But creamy taste from that seed mingles well with cold ingredients of vegetable. 

For me this salad will go well with soup and baguette or something warm im winter. Or just good with lemonade in summer. 

Since huge amount, i will probably eat this three separate times- 3 meals for me. Haha

Freebie deal?