Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ziggi's Coffee

Found a $5 for $10 deal on yelp. 

Tried Vanilla Latte Decaf with Coconut milk. 
(Starbucks is trying out coconut milk now but ziggi's coffee started way earlier. Want to know how it tastes like? Come here!)
Omg! Fantastic flavor I like it so much!
It satisfy my sweet tooth and all details of taste that I am looking for!
With this drink i got one chocolate bean for free for tasting. Nice thoughtful gesture :)

For goodies, I tried Bobo's Oat Bars- coconut flavor. It is local bakery- Boulder. 
Checked this items several times in Whole Foods before, first try out. It is ok. 
(If they add dates here it would be more greatful in my opinion). 

More details about this bar:
I personally don't like the brand- earth balance because it's all made out of oil. 
Because of this reason i did not enjoy the taste of this even little of texture wise, either. Sort of dence and also sticky that gave me little bit of unpleasant feeling while chewing. After finishing the whole bar, i kept tasting saltiness on my tongue ewww! It costs $2.75 here and i bet little less in grocery market. Total waste of money arrrr!
The total overall taste of it also really bland, cannot taste any unique at all but oil. 

The place is so good- plenty of space of parking, inside as well. 
They do have stamp card that you can get free drink after 10 purchasing. 

Free syrups and local honey are stocked for sugar replacement. 
Also they do have TV and some books that you can enjoy inside. 

Nice staff. This is plus too!

Such a great tasting of coffee!
Plus it is local! :)

Westminster, CO

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