Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Season! From Trader Joe's

Pumpkin season arrives, yay!!!

Here and there all grocery markets stock with pumpkin items but this year i ended up being at Trader Joe's. 

Today's grocery shopping will be my first and last for this season- this will feed me i bet for full three (3) months since i eat small. I had to buy this amount otherwise i cannot find them any more soon and i bet i will definately miss them ALOT. For one of Trader Joe's i went today, they sold out all pumpkin joe joe's already. 

Trader joe's has many many tremendous seasonal items!
Since Im vegan just purchased what i can eat. Fearless flyer talks about all theirs so for the future i decide to keep one. 

Ok, now im having joe joe's cookie!
I dont eat junk foods that much in my whole life but should try this. 
Sooo creamy filling and pumpkin spice just dancing on my mouth. So happy.
Dump into ricemilk, that i always want to try just like commercial shows, and it is surely weired but i put salad mix between cookies, on top of the filling. It looks cute than i thought and taste good, too!
I know why people waited for this cookie soso hlad i bought enough boxes :)

Well, i will save some for my treat for this week. Tomorrow i will try pumpkin bagel. Yay!

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