Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lyfe Kitchen in Boulder, CO

So glad Boulder has this terrific restaurant! 

My first experience with this restaurant was in Palo Alto, CA and it was so great. Missed it so much! 

I heard so many vegan meals ordered here and there. Yay! Way to go!!! 

Water and utencils are self- service. There are two stations. 
For water, there are three selections!!! Wow!
Chilled, ambient, chilled sparking. 
Definately go with sparking!

Ok review. Order: (mine is all vegan btw)
Vanilla banana date shake
Kid's Pasta with tomato sauce- comes with eithet fries or fresh fruits. I take fruits. 
(I eat small so this portion is just perfect). 

They did not any other ingredients as shown on the menu. It is real fruits only shake!
Because of banana's and dates' density it is quite bit hard to drink with straw.
Definately can taste bananas and i do see that color of dates. 
This menu is what i was diggig to try. 
Just let you know this is seasonal menu so do not miss it. 
But i have a feeling that i can make this my own easily at home. 

Tomato sauce is too small- im crying out here (i heard that not too much of sauce on pasta originally in Italy- i just was there. So how can i complain?) 
Pasta itself cooked good. Can taste it is wheat based. I did not look to Gluteen free menu but they might have it. 

Dorable portion of healhy fresh fruits. 
Blueberry. Blueberry. Strawberry. Grape. 
Sooo good!

This place has plenty of enough spaces to seat. Interior is so neat and unique way- the set interior for every place i guess. 

Staffs friendly, eager to help to order since they offer foods in different type of health matter- eat all, gluteen free, vegan. 

Honestly, i want to taste all their menus. 
Start with healthy ingredients and healthy way of cooking. I can taste it!

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