Tuesday, October 14, 2014

City O City in Denver

Finally here!
This place is great first of all. 
Was bit hard to find a parking space though even in Sunday lunch hour. It means this place is that good. 
Try street parking- free on sat and sun. 
More can be found across the restaurant. 

The place was full packed. Had to choose sitting in a couch area with full service or wait for 30 min for a table. Straightly choose couch area. 

I was recognized soon and ordered- i pretty knew what i want before coming in here. 
Kris- server of my day is super great! Thank you :)
Ask for pw for free wi-fi. 
For lots people gathering here, little bit louder than expected but i like it with nice movable music on. 

Drip coffee to stay: free refills! Who would do this on these days? Free refills, yay! Coffee is strong enough that i was looking for exactly! :) have mile bitter taste as the way i was expecting. Satisfied. 

Waffle: portion is huge- i mean it. Huge :)
Has brown flaxseed in batter. I really like and enjoy chewing flaxseeds. Fresh apple and pineapple on top with coconut vegan yogurt. Served with agave. As i chew i could taste ginger as well if i am right.  
I was craving for waffles these days and it is perfect for to have it with a cup of drip cofffee in rainy day :)
Taste is generally ok. I was looking for sort of more crisp/ crunchness than it is but ok. Maybe it has been a such a long time since having a waffle (The second waffle since i turned to be a vegan 3yrs ago, the first one was in Timeless coffee cafe in Berkely, CA). 
I thank enough to have a vegan waffle at this location. No complians. 
I like having agave with waffle instead maple syrup. It tastes better and more healthy in every way. 
Another fact that i like about this waffle, i like yogurt on top instead of vegan chicken or cream. It is not heavy so feels better in a mouth and on tougue. With fresh fruits it freshs the mouth. I am a more like a traditional way liker i guess.

Onion ring- finally!
Omg! Sooo good!
So crispy outside just like I dreamed and expected. It covered my crunchness bite from waffle haha- Must try item!
Tasted like their keychup is homemade i guess? It's not like one of ketchups I've tasted before. No chunk of course but the blendness of tomato i can see in a good way, overall, Unique. 
I am sitting here almost a hour still having my meal slowly but thr crunchness of orion ring still remains. Awesome isnt it?

Leftover bites of waffle two days later. Still yumm haha- 

Thanks City O City!

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