Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ziggi's Coffee

Found a $5 for $10 deal on yelp. 

Tried Vanilla Latte Decaf with Coconut milk. 
(Starbucks is trying out coconut milk now but ziggi's coffee started way earlier. Want to know how it tastes like? Come here!)
Omg! Fantastic flavor I like it so much!
It satisfy my sweet tooth and all details of taste that I am looking for!
With this drink i got one chocolate bean for free for tasting. Nice thoughtful gesture :)

For goodies, I tried Bobo's Oat Bars- coconut flavor. It is local bakery- Boulder. 
Checked this items several times in Whole Foods before, first try out. It is ok. 
(If they add dates here it would be more greatful in my opinion). 

More details about this bar:
I personally don't like the brand- earth balance because it's all made out of oil. 
Because of this reason i did not enjoy the taste of this even little of texture wise, either. Sort of dence and also sticky that gave me little bit of unpleasant feeling while chewing. After finishing the whole bar, i kept tasting saltiness on my tongue ewww! It costs $2.75 here and i bet little less in grocery market. Total waste of money arrrr!
The total overall taste of it also really bland, cannot taste any unique at all but oil. 

The place is so good- plenty of space of parking, inside as well. 
They do have stamp card that you can get free drink after 10 purchasing. 

Free syrups and local honey are stocked for sugar replacement. 
Also they do have TV and some books that you can enjoy inside. 

Nice staff. This is plus too!

Such a great tasting of coffee!
Plus it is local! :)

Westminster, CO

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Season! From Trader Joe's

Pumpkin season arrives, yay!!!

Here and there all grocery markets stock with pumpkin items but this year i ended up being at Trader Joe's. 

Today's grocery shopping will be my first and last for this season- this will feed me i bet for full three (3) months since i eat small. I had to buy this amount otherwise i cannot find them any more soon and i bet i will definately miss them ALOT. For one of Trader Joe's i went today, they sold out all pumpkin joe joe's already. 

Trader joe's has many many tremendous seasonal items!
Since Im vegan just purchased what i can eat. Fearless flyer talks about all theirs so for the future i decide to keep one. 

Ok, now im having joe joe's cookie!
I dont eat junk foods that much in my whole life but should try this. 
Sooo creamy filling and pumpkin spice just dancing on my mouth. So happy.
Dump into ricemilk, that i always want to try just like commercial shows, and it is surely weired but i put salad mix between cookies, on top of the filling. It looks cute than i thought and taste good, too!
I know why people waited for this cookie soso hlad i bought enough boxes :)

Well, i will save some for my treat for this week. Tomorrow i will try pumpkin bagel. Yay!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lyfe Kitchen in Boulder, CO

So glad Boulder has this terrific restaurant! 

My first experience with this restaurant was in Palo Alto, CA and it was so great. Missed it so much! 

I heard so many vegan meals ordered here and there. Yay! Way to go!!! 

Water and utencils are self- service. There are two stations. 
For water, there are three selections!!! Wow!
Chilled, ambient, chilled sparking. 
Definately go with sparking!

Ok review. Order: (mine is all vegan btw)
Vanilla banana date shake
Kid's Pasta with tomato sauce- comes with eithet fries or fresh fruits. I take fruits. 
(I eat small so this portion is just perfect). 

They did not any other ingredients as shown on the menu. It is real fruits only shake!
Because of banana's and dates' density it is quite bit hard to drink with straw.
Definately can taste bananas and i do see that color of dates. 
This menu is what i was diggig to try. 
Just let you know this is seasonal menu so do not miss it. 
But i have a feeling that i can make this my own easily at home. 

Tomato sauce is too small- im crying out here (i heard that not too much of sauce on pasta originally in Italy- i just was there. So how can i complain?) 
Pasta itself cooked good. Can taste it is wheat based. I did not look to Gluteen free menu but they might have it. 

Dorable portion of healhy fresh fruits. 
Blueberry. Blueberry. Strawberry. Grape. 
Sooo good!

This place has plenty of enough spaces to seat. Interior is so neat and unique way- the set interior for every place i guess. 

Staffs friendly, eager to help to order since they offer foods in different type of health matter- eat all, gluteen free, vegan. 

Honestly, i want to taste all their menus. 
Start with healthy ingredients and healthy way of cooking. I can taste it!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

City O City in Denver

Finally here!
This place is great first of all. 
Was bit hard to find a parking space though even in Sunday lunch hour. It means this place is that good. 
Try street parking- free on sat and sun. 
More can be found across the restaurant. 

The place was full packed. Had to choose sitting in a couch area with full service or wait for 30 min for a table. Straightly choose couch area. 

I was recognized soon and ordered- i pretty knew what i want before coming in here. 
Kris- server of my day is super great! Thank you :)
Ask for pw for free wi-fi. 
For lots people gathering here, little bit louder than expected but i like it with nice movable music on. 

Drip coffee to stay: free refills! Who would do this on these days? Free refills, yay! Coffee is strong enough that i was looking for exactly! :) have mile bitter taste as the way i was expecting. Satisfied. 

Waffle: portion is huge- i mean it. Huge :)
Has brown flaxseed in batter. I really like and enjoy chewing flaxseeds. Fresh apple and pineapple on top with coconut vegan yogurt. Served with agave. As i chew i could taste ginger as well if i am right.  
I was craving for waffles these days and it is perfect for to have it with a cup of drip cofffee in rainy day :)
Taste is generally ok. I was looking for sort of more crisp/ crunchness than it is but ok. Maybe it has been a such a long time since having a waffle (The second waffle since i turned to be a vegan 3yrs ago, the first one was in Timeless coffee cafe in Berkely, CA). 
I thank enough to have a vegan waffle at this location. No complians. 
I like having agave with waffle instead maple syrup. It tastes better and more healthy in every way. 
Another fact that i like about this waffle, i like yogurt on top instead of vegan chicken or cream. It is not heavy so feels better in a mouth and on tougue. With fresh fruits it freshs the mouth. I am a more like a traditional way liker i guess.

Onion ring- finally!
Omg! Sooo good!
So crispy outside just like I dreamed and expected. It covered my crunchness bite from waffle haha- Must try item!
Tasted like their keychup is homemade i guess? It's not like one of ketchups I've tasted before. No chunk of course but the blendness of tomato i can see in a good way, overall, Unique. 
I am sitting here almost a hour still having my meal slowly but thr crunchness of orion ring still remains. Awesome isnt it?

Leftover bites of waffle two days later. Still yumm haha- 

Thanks City O City!