Monday, June 30, 2014

Whole Foods Market Pastry

Crust is really good!

Overall taste feeling is dry at first bite. However as keep chew thr pastry dough is good actually! 
Cane sugar taste definately,
The layers of the crust can be seen and also can be tasted- layer by layer. 

The reason i taste dryness is because of cherry jam inside. Two are not combined together that well. 
Price $2.50. Comparing vegan muffin (size) it's sort of expensive. :/
But I am enjoying here yep yep because of dough crust! Haha :)
Next time turn around? Doubt. 

I am having a vegan pizza- my 2nd time!!!
Holding a slice of pizza, the flowness of melting cheese inside of mouth.. God! This is it!

Pizza dough baked well- there's crustness. I am a person who like thr edge of the crust dough, yep! There is!

Comparing pazxi pizza in San Jose I've experienced, whole foods gourmet pizza won! 
No greasy, no oily, not salty
More tomato flavor
More veggie  than pazxi. 

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