Saturday, June 7, 2014

Vegan Blueberry Muffin @ Whole Foods Market- Pearl St. Boulder

You can find variety of pastries in Pearl St. Whole Foods Market than any others! 
No other places even in Bay Area in CA cannot beat. 
I keep saying this place is Heaven for vegans!!! :)

Vegan Blueberry Muffin Top- so crispy and crunch with texture of cane sugar chewiness. First bite- thought that it had walnut or nuts because of chewiness but it's just that crunch! :)

More chewy i get taste of enriched flour. But what can I say? Whole grain flour will definately bring the taste better, i can surely say. 

Forgot to take a picture.. Again haha sigh.. 
Muffins in Whole foods Market looks uniquely funny! So dorable, like it like it!
Looks just like a big head of mushroom. So cute-!
More flat lile on the top with huge hat wearing haha. 

Checked ingredient for no nuts inside. 
Thankfully no nuts. 
Interesting part was they use egg replacer for this muffin. I've never seen any place use this until now. Maybe for better texture? Applesauce is there but no bananas no flexseeds, my guess is what's why. It just replaced one of these ingredients. 

Glad that they dont use graulated sugar for any pastries. Otherwise i wont get it at all also disappointed for whole foods products. 

Price $2.30
With bag refund $.10 it is $2.28!
So glad i didnt get any other pastries like cupcakes, or pie that is more sugary for replacing a meal. 

With coffee- starbucks decaf americano extra hot, so good----
Weather is cloudy and so ready to be rain in Boulder today on Saturday afternoon. 
Oh, just god refilled my coffee to regular decaf brew coffee since americano is not eligible for free refill. Still good but americano is BETTER! Brew coffee is too bitter for me still. 

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