Thursday, May 1, 2014

LYFE Kitchen

Casual Nice Cool place to hang out with friends/family in Downtown Palo Alto, CA.

You know Palo Alto is super nice place, nice people... everything about Palo Alto is nice.
Well, I have good memories and experience so, ya! :)

Food is really healthy and price is so reasonable!

They do have several different types of menu- 
for me: "vegan/vegetarian menu", 
others like "i eat everything" "Gluten Free" "Wine& Beer" "Seasonal Items"
So simply you grab the menu what suits on you.
Unique idea to put that.

For parking, for weekend I think you can park in the brown parking building accross the street.

This restaurant chef, Smith is a private chef for Oprah Winfrey.
Really well-known. I was so excited about this, too before I came here.

I had vegan braised vegi and tofu wrap from side menu.
Total for two: slightly less than $6.

Portion was huge than I expected not to greasy.

Staffs are all nice,
super busy place, but plenty of space to seat including outside patio.

Can't wait to go there again!

167 Hamilton Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301