Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Veggie Grill

Today here I am again @ Veggie Grill!
Yahoo! :)

Craving for chocolate pudding parfait so several days. Yum~~~
Creamy rich chocolate with oreo cookie on the bottom. Oh if course on top, cream! So yum!

Since I'm allergic to nuts, no nuts on mine. 

Oreo cookie gives crunch cookie bite feeling and creamy pudding combine together. So good!

Hope that the portion is slightly larger than it is now. 

So another touch and hard day at work marked period with this! Thank God!
Delicious meal and great service always at Veggie Grill! I always wonder how employees could be so friendly and nice here? Give me the secret---! Seriously! You guys always made my day easy, thank you!

Once Julie from 'Julie & Julie' said almost same thing in the begging of the movie after bad day at work,

"Chocolate Cream Pie"
"It's such a comfort"

Well, more likely she's talking about 'cooking' but you get my point here, don't you?

Well... On the way home should I get a chocolate again?

I know I will have acheness from cocoa later tonight but for now arrrrr---
(This parfait is so worthy by the way)

Oh! I also got kid's meal as usual- my all time menu here for free today, yay! 
How do I get so many free meals here?
(Always, most of the portion of thr meal is good for 3 times of deal for me. I eat small haha)

The answer:
Download the APP! :)

p.s. Kid's Meal: $4.95
Chocolate pudding parfait: $3.75(?) around this range.

Ciao for today!

3055 Olin Ave, Ste 1030, San Jose, CA 95128

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