Friday, April 18, 2014

Tofoo Com Chay

Tofoo com chay

Bun Bo Hue #13 on the menu

Ham is like spam texture and taste which i like the most from 3 different types of meat (how do i know spam taste? This is my 3rd years being a vegan). 
Soup taste is little bit watery taste- more flavor needed for me so added more sauce myself. 
Fake meat- it just like meat 장조림 like chicken feeling?
Fried tofu
Dark brown meat: fake beef?
Noodle: Chewy like Udon noodle. But some tasted like not cooked enough. Arrrr-

Soup is warm but since i lile extra hot for me always, if anyone is like me then ask for extra hot. 
Looks oily but no. No oily taste at the end either which is good!

Place is continuously busy.
5 inside tables and 3-4 more outside. 

People just grab drinks from refri first and then pay later. Trust built up i believe :)

Price so affordable. Perfect for lunch, specially who work around this area.

Wonder various types of drink on the top shelf.... 

Anyway, overall experience?
6-7? Out of 10. 
I should try others.. If I can have a chance to go to downtown San Jose again since the price is so affordable. 

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