Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Saturn Cafe in Berkeley

It was my planned routine to get a 'vegan milkshake' on April 5  Berkeley Tour.
Cinnaholic and Saturn Cafe.
They are same block. Just few walks away each other.

I was looking for sweet and creamy milkshake but did not know what to order from the menu. 
They helped me to order and got me 'Vanilla with berry on top' since I'm a huge fan of vanilla flavor.

It was magnificant!
Hardly can't tell it's vegan milkshake.

Ever since I become a vegan it was my first vegan milkshake, it was just perfect!
Did drink it all on the spot.

Price is around $5.25 or something that range. So reasonable.
Great great great!

They also offer 20% off lock-out from yelp, just forgot to mention when I paid.
Anyway, I will visit again so my discount offer is still on!

2175 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

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