Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Post reviewing foods

Any one is suffering or allergic to certain foods?
So am I!
I do have lots of reaction to foods- nuts, oils, these few back days including cocoa (arrrr-), normal white sugar (little bit), I got to see the ingredients really super carefully.

I've thinking that I'd better wait at least one day to see how my stomach react to foods I had. Over 90% of foods I consume is super healthy foods- raw and organic, but I'm a human-being like any others haha-, if you know what I mean.

Like Mochi the other day...
The moment I had them, it was good! My appetite was satisfied; however, for white sugar won't mingle with my stomach for few hours....

I'm talking about this stuff now..
Some say this and that restaurant is healthy food. You know what? Honestly, my stomach can tell if it is or not. Try me :)

Well, my day is going thankfully well so far.. about to leave the office now. Still lot to post here.. One by one as a baby step for now..


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