Monday, April 21, 2014

Jin's Bakery & Coffee

  • Mochi-

Around 8 am this morning stopped by to get Mochi, thought that they would have it since they open at 7 am. But soon I entered the store the employee was just turning on the open sign and not many of pastries were ready, of course including Mochi!
so sad for I was so wanting to have Mochi for breakfast with my coffee (sounds funny, but I wanted it so bad somehow). Well, think about it! It does sound it would be a good breakfast menu, wouldn't it? Why not, right? :)
I guess I need to call in first to check if things are ready before I head to be there.

So, believe or not, I drove there again for my lunch! arrrrr---
Of course, to make sure, I gave a call.

  • My favorite! So Chewy!
Red bean paste inside is so smooth (& silky I might say? haha). The size is big enough, about 2.5 inch around.

Sweetness: a bit sweeter than normal Korean pastries but I can handle it. Sweet killer haha.
Sweetness definately coming out from 'white sugar'. Believe me I know the taste differences. While I'm having it, I give myself a thought that what if using brown sugar or cane sugar? It will change the taste of sweetness of course but the texture of chewiness, I mean in a good way!

The combination of red bean paste and the sweet rice flour combination well! They're going together not running separately, if you know what I mean.

Next time, just for the experiment, I will stop by Ehwadang Rice Cake pastry for this place is so well known among Korean community for their ingredients are most high standards than any other places of rice cake pastries in San Jose Korean Community. I will post for that, too. Wait for me :)

Oh, the reason why I kept going Jin's bakery rather Ehwadang is, even though I have to pay cash (Min. $15 for credit card also, otherwise, $.50 card fee applied) to Jin's bakery, they have two mochi in a pack, just right portion of size to eat fresh rather having it over night sitting in a kitchen. Ehwadang they have six in a pack- $6.

Well, that's about it.
I had my lunch done quite well. 

  • 3050 El Camino Real
  • Santa Clara, CA. 95051

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