Monday, April 21, 2014

Happiness Cafe

The owner is super nice. The place is clean, but not for group of people can have the meal for the place is kind of small, but still good.

I had Veggie Hot Dog. The size portion is big! Comparing to size and price? Price is so affordable.
It was alright, little bit dryness to me though?
(skin of sausage was like old lady's skin- hello~)Hot dog bun was OK- warm enough to enjoy as a hot dog bun.

If I want to compare the hog dog with Plant Based Pizza in San Jose, then I'll probably go with Plant Based Pizza's. 

Reason? I'm not a fan of sausage but it tasted more juicyful (I'm not sure this word is existing or suitable on here- oh well who cares as long as people can understand) more, more chewable pleasure from not over cooked (grill?). There was definate pleasure eating it than Happiness Cafe's.

I guess I need to try their popular dish- avocado roll next time and for sure their vegan boba smoothies.I think this place is more suitable for vegan dessert place.

  • 1688 Hostetter Rd
    Ste C 
    North Valley.
  • San Jose, CA. 95131

  • (408) 573-8699
  • Business

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