Friday, April 25, 2014

Frost Cupcake Factory

Front Door- they hang this poster
my name on the box

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Vegan Chocolate Chip Chocolate Garnache 
4-16-2014, Wed.

Right after work, heading to Frost Cupcake Factory in Downtown Campbell, yahoo!

It was very first time me to go there- always wanted to visit when the farmer's market held but finally!

Downtown is really cozy and nice than what I expected. Luckily, found a parking spot without any waiting near store. Thank God!

As you can see Vegan Cupcake I got is Chocolate chip with chocolate garnache.

1. They do have vegan cupcakes on Wed. and Sunday only. One flavor for one month unless you pre-order as you want it on any day. 
2. If you want to have it but it's going to be after work, make sure you call them and save them for you. Otherwise when you get there you come out without anything. That's how I got my name on the box! :)

Ok, here goes tasting part! Ready?

Frosting/Icing(?), whichever your term is, it IS unbelievable! It is HEAVEN. yum!

One bite? No resistance. You got to keep digging!
Its part is huge~ than any other cupcakes out there which makes me sooooo happy and satisfy!
Layer is deep, so you can dig into your forks, really! Isn't it so pleasurable? :D
This is what all cupcakes should be, don't you think?
Oh-- its thickness is just perfect-!
Chocolate flavor: Dark Cocoa flavor (I can definately tell). So rich! Wonder what brand they use :)

Muffin part: I believe it was vanilla flavor with chocolate chip inside. So when I chew the chocolate chips make me delightful experience, if you know what I mean ;)

Not too greasy, not too dry, nor too creamy even after you finished your cupcakes you still can tell, there's no unpleasant tasting left over your tongue at the end like oil tastes or some others- mainly greasy taste what I mean.

Do I want to come back? Oh- yes!

Price range is also reasonable comparing to other stores. $3.25
I'm thinking since I'll go to farmer's market on Sunday, might stop by again and get one :)
Wonder the flavor for next month, can't wait! 
Plus, 'Support the Local!' 
So proud of cupcake winner is in our neighborhood. Such a privilege :)

A cute little to go box for my cupcake!
I had a little bit hard time to get it out, funny...

Interior is not too impressive but who cares as long as they do have awesome tasteful cupcake.

4-23-2014 @ 12:30 p.m
can't stop thinking about their frosting!
wonder they sell only the frosting, too!

you know what???
I just called and they do NOT sell the frosting only. Muffin and frosting, TOGETHER!
She emphasized, TOGETHER. Sad.......

oh, well... then, what can I do? Have them together or go to "Cinnaholic" since they do sell separately.
Thank God I do have two options haha :)
Positive thinking :D

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