Saturday, April 12, 2014

Double Rainbow Soy cream

Luckly I found a soy cream (ice cream) vanilla bean flavor on sale in sprouts farmer's market this evening. 

Sale price? $.99!!! 
Can you believe? What a deal, yeah?!

Wow yeppie!
Just the way i like!

Creamy rich smooth but also pleasant chewing(?) feeling for vanilla bean!
Feeling like something little things popping? Those kind of pleasant feeling? Haha- (i'll come up with more better vocab next time- you know what i mean here, dont you? For most of you have had vanilla bean ice cream, i believe)..

It did not indicate 'vegan' on the outside of box but i gave myself a try for it says "dairy free".

Well... Hope my stomach can take this!

Oh btw, i'm a lactose intolerant.. Have Nut allergy... Beyond being a vegan.. but no complain. How??? 
Because it eventually brought me into this whole new world of life. 
I am soooooooo happier than before :)

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  1. Few days ago I was craving for this ice cream, went to sprouts farmer's market where I purchased before. They no longer carry this product. Soooo sad T.T

    I'd better find out other places like Whole Foods Market or any other states maybe?
    Any tips, folks?