Saturday, April 12, 2014


Last Saturday 4.5.2014

Just couldn't wait for Cinnaholic!
(Located in downtown Berkeley, CA)
Drove up there by myself fron San Jose- almost 40-45 miles, just for this!

Did not know what to order because this is all cutomised. An employee there i got recommended me her favorite thing: caramel frosting with chocolate chip for topping.

Sitting outside the store, enjoying the perfect sunshine warm weather..
Not having any foods in mouth on that day, right after it got handed to me, drooling- had to bite first haha!

Price? $5.45 
Yelp check-in deal provided me one free frosting/topping :)
Tip: have a receip to your text. Collecting ten, then you get a free deal!

Bun is warm so while i'm having it, frosting is melting and coating the bun itself. It actually kicks the flavor more and can feel the warm bun more as time goes by (naturally it supposed to be opposite though). Enjoyed much!

But for me i missed little bit more of sweetness. Don't get me wrong- i am really crazy about strong flavor of sweetness. 

Next time? 
I already decided what to have: pomegranate frosting with cookie dough topping!
I guess it has little bit of chewful texture with sweetness flavor!

Heard they are launching as franchise.
And they are shipping their goodies to states! Try some!

Worth to drive 40-45 miles?
I will say yes? :)

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  1. I'm thinking getting various types frosting next time!