Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Café Gratitude

*Vegan Milkshake Review Only*

Let me say this first.
I might expect too much for this restaurant since people were waiting and waiting- so many waiting list I could see and reviews are super good here.

I just slightly jumped into and order the milkshake.
It was the same day I visited Saturn Cafe for the milkshake.

Vanilla Bean Milkshake.
Price was slightly over $9.75 (almost $10).

Tasted ok. Could feel the vanilla bean which I liked, BUT 
I hardly recognize the difference than one that I got from Saturn Cafe.

Quantity: same small cup as any other drinking cup. Thought that since their price is almost double as Saturn Cafe, more quanitity coming up. But Noooooo~

But for this $10?
This is TOO expensive.

Waited for it from inside.
It's good environment to hang out for the weekends with family/friends with nice music playing.

Will come back?
I do not think so for now.

1730 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94701

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