Monday, June 30, 2014

Whole Foods Market Pastry

Crust is really good!

Overall taste feeling is dry at first bite. However as keep chew thr pastry dough is good actually! 
Cane sugar taste definately,
The layers of the crust can be seen and also can be tasted- layer by layer. 

The reason i taste dryness is because of cherry jam inside. Two are not combined together that well. 
Price $2.50. Comparing vegan muffin (size) it's sort of expensive. :/
But I am enjoying here yep yep because of dough crust! Haha :)
Next time turn around? Doubt. 

I am having a vegan pizza- my 2nd time!!!
Holding a slice of pizza, the flowness of melting cheese inside of mouth.. God! This is it!

Pizza dough baked well- there's crustness. I am a person who like thr edge of the crust dough, yep! There is!

Comparing pazxi pizza in San Jose I've experienced, whole foods gourmet pizza won! 
No greasy, no oily, not salty
More tomato flavor
More veggie  than pazxi. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Vegan Blueberry Muffin @ Whole Foods Market- Pearl St. Boulder

You can find variety of pastries in Pearl St. Whole Foods Market than any others! 
No other places even in Bay Area in CA cannot beat. 
I keep saying this place is Heaven for vegans!!! :)

Vegan Blueberry Muffin Top- so crispy and crunch with texture of cane sugar chewiness. First bite- thought that it had walnut or nuts because of chewiness but it's just that crunch! :)

More chewy i get taste of enriched flour. But what can I say? Whole grain flour will definately bring the taste better, i can surely say. 

Forgot to take a picture.. Again haha sigh.. 
Muffins in Whole foods Market looks uniquely funny! So dorable, like it like it!
Looks just like a big head of mushroom. So cute-!
More flat lile on the top with huge hat wearing haha. 

Checked ingredient for no nuts inside. 
Thankfully no nuts. 
Interesting part was they use egg replacer for this muffin. I've never seen any place use this until now. Maybe for better texture? Applesauce is there but no bananas no flexseeds, my guess is what's why. It just replaced one of these ingredients. 

Glad that they dont use graulated sugar for any pastries. Otherwise i wont get it at all also disappointed for whole foods products. 

Price $2.30
With bag refund $.10 it is $2.28!
So glad i didnt get any other pastries like cupcakes, or pie that is more sugary for replacing a meal. 

With coffee- starbucks decaf americano extra hot, so good----
Weather is cloudy and so ready to be rain in Boulder today on Saturday afternoon. 
Oh, just god refilled my coffee to regular decaf brew coffee since americano is not eligible for free refill. Still good but americano is BETTER! Brew coffee is too bitter for me still. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

LYFE Kitchen

Casual Nice Cool place to hang out with friends/family in Downtown Palo Alto, CA.

You know Palo Alto is super nice place, nice people... everything about Palo Alto is nice.
Well, I have good memories and experience so, ya! :)

Food is really healthy and price is so reasonable!

They do have several different types of menu- 
for me: "vegan/vegetarian menu", 
others like "i eat everything" "Gluten Free" "Wine& Beer" "Seasonal Items"
So simply you grab the menu what suits on you.
Unique idea to put that.

For parking, for weekend I think you can park in the brown parking building accross the street.

This restaurant chef, Smith is a private chef for Oprah Winfrey.
Really well-known. I was so excited about this, too before I came here.

I had vegan braised vegi and tofu wrap from side menu.
Total for two: slightly less than $6.

Portion was huge than I expected not to greasy.

Staffs are all nice,
super busy place, but plenty of space to seat including outside patio.

Can't wait to go there again!

167 Hamilton Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Café Gratitude

*Vegan Milkshake Review Only*

Let me say this first.
I might expect too much for this restaurant since people were waiting and waiting- so many waiting list I could see and reviews are super good here.

I just slightly jumped into and order the milkshake.
It was the same day I visited Saturn Cafe for the milkshake.

Vanilla Bean Milkshake.
Price was slightly over $9.75 (almost $10).

Tasted ok. Could feel the vanilla bean which I liked, BUT 
I hardly recognize the difference than one that I got from Saturn Cafe.

Quantity: same small cup as any other drinking cup. Thought that since their price is almost double as Saturn Cafe, more quanitity coming up. But Noooooo~

But for this $10?
This is TOO expensive.

Waited for it from inside.
It's good environment to hang out for the weekends with family/friends with nice music playing.

Will come back?
I do not think so for now.

1730 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94701

Saturn Cafe in Berkeley

It was my planned routine to get a 'vegan milkshake' on April 5  Berkeley Tour.
Cinnaholic and Saturn Cafe.
They are same block. Just few walks away each other.

I was looking for sweet and creamy milkshake but did not know what to order from the menu. 
They helped me to order and got me 'Vanilla with berry on top' since I'm a huge fan of vanilla flavor.

It was magnificant!
Hardly can't tell it's vegan milkshake.

Ever since I become a vegan it was my first vegan milkshake, it was just perfect!
Did drink it all on the spot.

Price is around $5.25 or something that range. So reasonable.
Great great great!

They also offer 20% off lock-out from yelp, just forgot to mention when I paid.
Anyway, I will visit again so my discount offer is still on!

2175 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA 94704

Vegan Bread Stick- Lovesticks by Judy's Breadstick

all copy rights reserved

 Cinnamon Raisin Breadstick

You can buy at Whole Foods Market in Bay Area. 

So crunch crunch!
Hard crunch!
Well enough sweetness out of most likely can sugar and bit of raisin. 

It kicked out my work stress by bitting the stick! 

Any one is looking for vegan breadstick? Here they are-
Order from the online if you don't live nearby. 
You won't regret :)

Price: $3.99

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Veggie Grill

Today here I am again @ Veggie Grill!
Yahoo! :)

Craving for chocolate pudding parfait so several days. Yum~~~
Creamy rich chocolate with oreo cookie on the bottom. Oh if course on top, cream! So yum!

Since I'm allergic to nuts, no nuts on mine. 

Oreo cookie gives crunch cookie bite feeling and creamy pudding combine together. So good!

Hope that the portion is slightly larger than it is now. 

So another touch and hard day at work marked period with this! Thank God!
Delicious meal and great service always at Veggie Grill! I always wonder how employees could be so friendly and nice here? Give me the secret---! Seriously! You guys always made my day easy, thank you!

Once Julie from 'Julie & Julie' said almost same thing in the begging of the movie after bad day at work,

"Chocolate Cream Pie"
"It's such a comfort"

Well, more likely she's talking about 'cooking' but you get my point here, don't you?

Well... On the way home should I get a chocolate again?

I know I will have acheness from cocoa later tonight but for now arrrrr---
(This parfait is so worthy by the way)

Oh! I also got kid's meal as usual- my all time menu here for free today, yay! 
How do I get so many free meals here?
(Always, most of the portion of thr meal is good for 3 times of deal for me. I eat small haha)

The answer:
Download the APP! :)

p.s. Kid's Meal: $4.95
Chocolate pudding parfait: $3.75(?) around this range.

Ciao for today!

3055 Olin Ave, Ste 1030, San Jose, CA 95128

Friday, April 25, 2014

Born to be a Vegan?

I guess I was born to be a vegan.

I don't like the meet texture at all. 
Had left over from Tofoo Tom Chay- bum hue noodle. It had vege fake meat that is exactly same texture of meat. I did not like it so I sorted out all and it all ended up being in trash. 

I just don't like meat texture! Even if it is not real meat! I can't stand it.

Do I ever miss meat?
I wasn't eating meat that much even before I became a vegan anyway. 

Born to be a vegan. 

Btw, this is the one I had for dinner. 
Add korean hot pepper paste in boiling water with Left over noodle. Flavorwise? Tasted good! 
Pic does not catch the flavor this though haha-

Smile Life

Try to smile all the time
positive thinking. 

Frost Cupcake Factory

Front Door- they hang this poster
my name on the box

all copyright reserved
Vegan Chocolate Chip Chocolate Garnache 
4-16-2014, Wed.

Right after work, heading to Frost Cupcake Factory in Downtown Campbell, yahoo!

It was very first time me to go there- always wanted to visit when the farmer's market held but finally!

Downtown is really cozy and nice than what I expected. Luckily, found a parking spot without any waiting near store. Thank God!

As you can see Vegan Cupcake I got is Chocolate chip with chocolate garnache.

1. They do have vegan cupcakes on Wed. and Sunday only. One flavor for one month unless you pre-order as you want it on any day. 
2. If you want to have it but it's going to be after work, make sure you call them and save them for you. Otherwise when you get there you come out without anything. That's how I got my name on the box! :)

Ok, here goes tasting part! Ready?

Frosting/Icing(?), whichever your term is, it IS unbelievable! It is HEAVEN. yum!

One bite? No resistance. You got to keep digging!
Its part is huge~ than any other cupcakes out there which makes me sooooo happy and satisfy!
Layer is deep, so you can dig into your forks, really! Isn't it so pleasurable? :D
This is what all cupcakes should be, don't you think?
Oh-- its thickness is just perfect-!
Chocolate flavor: Dark Cocoa flavor (I can definately tell). So rich! Wonder what brand they use :)

Muffin part: I believe it was vanilla flavor with chocolate chip inside. So when I chew the chocolate chips make me delightful experience, if you know what I mean ;)

Not too greasy, not too dry, nor too creamy even after you finished your cupcakes you still can tell, there's no unpleasant tasting left over your tongue at the end like oil tastes or some others- mainly greasy taste what I mean.

Do I want to come back? Oh- yes!

Price range is also reasonable comparing to other stores. $3.25
I'm thinking since I'll go to farmer's market on Sunday, might stop by again and get one :)
Wonder the flavor for next month, can't wait! 
Plus, 'Support the Local!' 
So proud of cupcake winner is in our neighborhood. Such a privilege :)

A cute little to go box for my cupcake!
I had a little bit hard time to get it out, funny...

Interior is not too impressive but who cares as long as they do have awesome tasteful cupcake.

4-23-2014 @ 12:30 p.m
can't stop thinking about their frosting!
wonder they sell only the frosting, too!

you know what???
I just called and they do NOT sell the frosting only. Muffin and frosting, TOGETHER!
She emphasized, TOGETHER. Sad.......

oh, well... then, what can I do? Have them together or go to "Cinnaholic" since they do sell separately.
Thank God I do have two options haha :)
Positive thinking :D

Kimchi @ Whole Foods Market

On Demo desk at Whole Foods Market this week I found there were few samples for Kimchi with this cute badge!

So proud to see this as a Korean-American :)

Way to go, Kimchi!!!

Mineral Sparkling Water


Got this sparkling water @ Whole Foods Market
On sale $1.49!

Recently, I cut my soda.
I'm not a big drinker of Soda product at all, but sometimes I do need it.
But the fact is we all know that soda is killing our body, basically we are pouring the bad bad unhealthy sugar into our body- like chemical stuff T.T but sometimes we cannot resist it.

So my replacement for soda, sparkling water!
It is so good!
Can't believe it is just water.
Anyone who have hard time to cut the soda out of the lives, go for this!
You'll definately satisfy! :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Funny Habit

I found out a thing of myself  just now!

I wear almost same shoes everyday, I mean everyday... (someone might say, is it possible for women's life? yes. I'm the proof).

What happen to me?
Back in college year oh, that's too much back..., just 3-4 years back in my life, I matched my shoes with outfits.
Now, look at me. Office look shoes same shoes between two. Wear until they were torn... arrr-

Wake up!
I am a woman!

Coco Chanel once said,
“A woman with good shoes i never ugly!” 

Extra quote from Coco Chanel,
“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.” 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Post reviewing foods

Any one is suffering or allergic to certain foods?
So am I!
I do have lots of reaction to foods- nuts, oils, these few back days including cocoa (arrrr-), normal white sugar (little bit), I got to see the ingredients really super carefully.

I've thinking that I'd better wait at least one day to see how my stomach react to foods I had. Over 90% of foods I consume is super healthy foods- raw and organic, but I'm a human-being like any others haha-, if you know what I mean.

Like Mochi the other day...
The moment I had them, it was good! My appetite was satisfied; however, for white sugar won't mingle with my stomach for few hours....

I'm talking about this stuff now..
Some say this and that restaurant is healthy food. You know what? Honestly, my stomach can tell if it is or not. Try me :)

Well, my day is going thankfully well so far.. about to leave the office now. Still lot to post here.. One by one as a baby step for now..